Friday, September 25, 2015

Random Thoughts

I'm having a 'blah day' today and since putting your thoughts on facebook rarely produces anything positive, I figured I would flush out my feelings on my blog. It's easier, since pretty much only Mama reads it anymore anyway......and she's been waiting since November last year!

So anyway, I have random thoughts. Stupid things keep me from sleeping well, keep my feelings stirred up (frequently in a negative way) and seem to need a little purging now and then. That almost ALWAYS gets me trouble (and likely will this time too) but its a risk I guess I just have to take in hopes of a good nights sleep at least for one night. Make sure you're sitting comfortably and grab hold of the might be a crazy ride!

Thought of a Random Nature #1:
People suck!
Yeah that is a nasty sounding phrase, especially if you dig into it and recognize the likely true meaning it holds, but truth isn't always pretty, and I can prove it!

Told ya.
Why do people have to outdo each other? Why can't we all just BE, instead of having to be MORE THAN YOU? I hate that one-upping mentality.
And why is necessary to be rude to others? It's bad enough when the rudeness comes from a stranger (such as people coming in the herb shop telling me I don't know my job), but when its loved ones being rude to those they are bound to by blood..... come on... really? *sigh*
I have to stand by that statement: people suck.

Thought of a Random Nature #2:
My grandkids are adorable. They are the cutest, sweetest, most entertaining and loving children. Ok Jarom is, but Sierra is only 2 months old. It won't be long till she's loving and entertaining too. And what makes them THE BEST is how much they love ME. No conditions or expectations out of them... they just love me, period. Babies must not be people yet. They aren't in the "suck" category at all.

Thought of a Random Nature #3:
Cats are stupid.
Yes I said it, and I'll say it again. Cats are stupid.
Not for a second do I mean they aren't intelligent. On the contrary! They are very intelligent! They are the royalty of spite! Seriously! And they start it at an early age. Example: we have 2 kittens. They aren't even full grown things yet, but as soon as they decide we humans aren't treating them like the royalty they clearly know themselves to be,.... they run their little selves into a corner, or under furniture, or in some hidden area of the house and THEY POOP! Why do they do this? It doesn't get them anything they want, in fact, it only makes their problems bigger, yet they do it to spite me every time. They don't even care WHO has disrespected them......punishment to humans is imminent! I so totally understand why the Chinese eat cats.

I should name her Kung Po.

Thought of a Random Nature #4:
Celery does not belong in chicken pot pie. NO IT DOESN'T! Stop putting it in there! For real... celery can go in dressing for Thanksgiving dinner or you can eat it fresh and raw. That's all!