Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Mother / Daughter Story

Yesterday, I wrote and illustrated a story. I'd like to share that with you now.

A Mother / Daughter Story

Once upon a time, a mother and daughter had a happy afternoon outside with a camera....

The fun seemed to wane a bit, and the daughter got a sneaky thought in her mind...

Mothers have super powers, and this mother detected the sneaky thought. The daughter had been warned over her whole life, and the time had come for her punishment to be more than a threat....

Mom began to eat daughters face!

Who knew daughter face tasted soooo goood?

The faceless daughter was suddenly quieted, and the mom reveled in a moment of sweet satisfaction...

What joy comes from parenthood! Now where are my boys?

Thursday, October 14, 2010


My ears:
All better, thanks to vinegar (of all things)! It took 3 days once I learned the trick, and now I'm back to normal. WHEW! Thank goodness of that!

My blood pressure:
Well, it turns out that my bp isn't as high as it seemed. My monitor wasn't working right. It might need new batteries, I don't know. I have a different monitor now and it seems to agree with every other monitor and doctor/paramedic that has checked my bp lately. So that means 130'ish over 90'ish is where I am. Still not perfect, but not as deadly as it was seeming. The other symptoms I was having along with that .... DEHYDRATION! Now that's a crazy one, right? It just never dawned on me that in my enjoyment of other drinks, I had neglected water so badly. So now I'm drinking water with the occasional taste of something else. It let my pulse rate go down from 146 bpm to 80 bpm and my kidneys quit screaming in pain and my color has normalized. Insane that I even got in this position,...but I'm out now and much much better. Still not taking bp meds though!

My weight:
I'm down 18 pounds now :) WOOHOO!

Manti and Girlfriend:
He's still in love.

Mesa's "love life":
She's got an interest, of course its yet another long-distance thing so it won't be too intense yet I don't think. He's a nice kid who actually cares what I think, so he can hang around a little while longer.

Tommy's health:
His heart is doing very well. The doctor is proud of its current performance. His back is a degenerative condition, so it is steadily degenerating as expected. That means pain, but he's a tough guy and is hanging in there as usual. His knee isn't doing great though. Remember he had surgery on it back in 1994? He was told it likely would have to be done again in 15-20 years. We're in that time period now. It popped last night and he says it really hurts right now. I'm not interested in any more doctors or surgeries or recovery periods. I say he isn't allowed new pain right now. He's trying to listen.

My sanity:
I'm working on getting that back. I've been beading lately, and have made up lots of little things. Linda (my boss at work) fell in love with some jewelry I beaded and she had me put it up for sale at the herb shop. So if you are in Carrollton, stop in and see it for yourself! Or watch the herb shop's blog to see the announcement that will go up there soon.

So,... did I miss anything you wanted to know about?

Friday, October 8, 2010


It's raining or pouring at all times, isn't it?

I ended up pleading with a doctor friend to get some relief for my ears. I figured 3 weeks was too long to suffer and my hearing loss might become permanent. So I tossed out pride and asked for his help. He was great. He looked at my ears, explained to me (in English) what he saw, and gave me a prescription for pain drops, but told me how to use vinegar and water to take care of my problem. It was the most amazing recovery too! I was totally impressed,...

:: cue dark clouds, stage left, roll in boys! ::

And then my feelings were hurt. Not a little hurt, a BIG hurt. I couldn't help but notice that my entire head throbbed during that emotional drama too. Something told me to check my blood pressure, which I HATE to do because it's always 135/95-ish. Wellllll.... good news and bad news. Good news is, it wasn't 135/95! Bad news is, it was 162/105. One hour and 3 aspirin later, it was 161/109. Last night, we went to a missionary farewell party and it was held at my doctor friends house. So Tommy took advantage of an opportunity to tell him my ears were tremendously better, and my bp was starting to rage. Doc says "let me call something in for you," so I shrug and say ok. Today I'm at the store picking up Tommy's refills, and thought to ask about mine getting called in. It wasn't ready (of course) so I asked what was the name of it. The girl tells me its Lysinopril (is that spelled right?) and I froze in my place. I don't know that I have the courage to take that. Tommy (who handles a LOT of pain on a constant basis) couldn't tolerate the body aches and pains that were a side effect of that drug. Someone else I know (John) takes it also, and he tells me he hurts when taking it too, but that he has to take it so he just deals with it.

People,....I am SUPER WIMP! So now I have a Rx waiting for me to pick up and I'm too scared to do it. Yet if I don't,.... well let's just say that an hour ago, my bp was 159/104. Top it off with a headache on the right side of my head, and some throbbing muscle aches in my left arm from time to time (hasn't started tonight, but I had that last night).

Like I said,... rain-pour-rain-pour-rain-pour-AAAHHHHHH!!!!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

New Ears

For 3 weeks now, my ears have been bothering me. I don't remember ever having an ear infection before. If I did, it was when I was younger than my memory reaches to. Let me speak for those little ones who suffer from them: THEY HURT!

I broke down and went to the doctor, forked out money I needed for other things, and here it is 3 weeks later and my ears STILL HURT!

I give up. I just need new ears.
So if you try to call me and I don't answer, or if I do answer but don't make sense, or if you expected me to call and I didn't,.... it's because I'm virtually deaf and can't hear well enough to understand the noises around me. :( I'm sorry! Maybe Santa will hear my cries and bring me new ears for Christmas.