Sunday, March 20, 2011


Several years ago, I gave my mother a book for Mother's Day. It was a book of "Mommilies"...which were a term the writer had given to the sayings and phrases you hear out of a mother.

Since then, my own mother has come out with Mommilies of her own,...and they are uniquely hers, I assure you (although a few of them have ended up such a part of my own household that even Mama doesn't remember that SHE invented them!)

Last week, Mama sent out an email to 3/4 of her children to let us know she was going to our baby sisters house to help with kids while Lee was having a baby. When she got there, she sent us another email making sure we knew what was going on,....I guess. She was using Lee's laptop, which is a small one. Mama is used to a very wide ergonomic keyboard on a big computer desk. Her fingers went into shock while trying to type her first email! You can see it too,...and it just gets funnier as the days go by. Of course, I did have to make fun of each and every single email she sent. How can anyone ignore such great Nita-Mommilies???? So I'm sharing. ENJOY!!

March 9th-
Just a note to let you know we will be leaving for Lee's this afternoon sometime and will be at her house until Aquanita comes. I will have the cell phone charged and hopefully hear it if it rings, so feel free to call me if necessary. If I'm driving, Daddy will try to figure out how to answer, so don't be surprised if no one picks up immediately. (Figuring out how to punch the green button can be a little difficult.) I'll let you know when we are coming home, but we hope it will be next Friday.

March 11th-
nothing yet but they need to get one soon ao I CAN GO HOME go my own compuger instead of thisw laptop ghinh

March 14th-
Lee made enough probgress lasg nighg ghag they could pug in the balloon and will soon start the pitocin. She is having some congractions on her own at the moment. Aquanita could be here today.

*NOTE* Aquanita is NOT the baby's name. It's the nickname Mama gave her.

March 14th-
Lee has bone go gher hospigal to hav e the ab y. Will let you khow when I hear someghinb. I hate lapgops.

She's here and everyone is fine, but I'll leg Lee gell you a lout ig. She can gype on one of these conrapions.

From me to all:
Anybody got a Urim & Thummim and can translate this? I think these emails are getting worse instead of better! Oh wait,...maybe Mama is speaking in tongues!!

March 14th-
The problem isn'g with me, it's ghis compusger. The keys are in gthe wronbg place, and it types g's e erfytime I grfy tgo tpye t or b. And igt has exgra spaces. Nagufally ghey lecg Douv's for me go use because it's ibbef, but ev ern if I could see, it doesn't type rivht,

From me to mama:'ll be ok Mama :D

March 15th-
Just got back from the hospital and seeing baby girl. The first thing Lee said was, "She looks like you, Mom," which is why I think she should have been named Aquanita, but instead she is Hannah Elizabeth, also known as HEBay. That hair is incredible. I'll send pictures when we get home. Lee will be released Thursday morning, and if we leave early Friday, we can be home Friday night and go to Sean's baptism on Saturday.

See, Marianna? I DO know how to spell. On this computer I have to watch each letter as I type it and then go back and correct every word a couple of times. It's all Doug's fault.

For inquiring minds that have not yet been notified, Lee's baby was born last night at 8:10 p.m. EDT and weigh 8 lbs. 10 oz. After Lee got to the hospital HEBay, who had finally moved from a horizontal position to the corect position, bergan to move again and went completely breech. Lee said they lcould trace her by listening to her heartberate, which travelled. And I lam not makinbv any more cofrecgions ecause I am out of llpatien e.

Mama, Niga, Banny, whoe er

I hate laptops.

March 15-
It is my goal for the remainder of my life to make my children happyy. If I give you a reason to laugh, you will all wang md go live wigh you insgead of puging m in a home when I ge old.

March 17th-
We are wighin minuges of laac inv cof home. Doug and ghe boys went go ghe drugstore, so we are sneakinb out. We plan go stop at Brushy Mountain bee farm omorrow, so we will bo as far as we can gonibhg and get home somegime gomofow. We will be ag ghe apgism, so have no fear! And after todeay you won't need a Urim and Thummin! I hage lapgops.

From me to all:
I'm going to have to relearn English now.

From Catherine to all:
Someone needs to lay off the sauce.

Friday, March 11, 2011

YSA Dance Pics

Manti and Mesa are fortunate enough to be a part of the Young Single Adults here. The kids are a blend of different young people testing the world to decide what kind of grown adults they'll be, and they have advisers that I really believe love these kids genuinely. It's SO good!

So recently the kids had a dance planned. It was a multi-stake dance, and it had a theme: 1930s-1940s. That's a little on the strange side in my opinion, but nobody asked me. We spent weeks trying to figure out what do about Mesa's hair so it would fit with the theme and then to find her something to wear!

I found a dress at the Salvation Army Store...of all places! Less than $10 and she was good to go! The dress is a long straight black dress- NOT fitted. It had a layer of brown lace on it also. It goes all the way to the ankles, so she wore black boots underneath because I cheaped out and didn't go shoe shopping for something like this. The dress had no sleeves, so we put a black tshirt underneath it. The hair was still hard to figure out though.

I had posted a note on facebook asking for ideas if anybody knew how to do a 1930s style hair-do. I got a few links to sites and youtubes and that led me to what I wanted to try. I told Mesa about it and she was game...even though I said the word "hairnet" in my explanation. I'm not great with hair,...I'm not bad, but I'm not great. Her hair could have looked better, it was my very best effort that day, and she's still very pretty I think. So here are the pictures of her...and Manti went also, dressed the part as well!

That's her hair in the back, all directions.

Just Mesa
Just Manti
My very nice looking children...
...I said nice looking children...

Anybody else getting suspicious?

Mesa, don't start anything you can't finish...
I think he gets that from my Daddy!
Well, at least they LOOK pretty!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm Famous!

Ok it's not just me,...but I'm thrilled by it anyway. Click this link and read if you want, but AT LEAST look at the pictures. COOLNESS!

LDS News dot com