Saturday, April 12, 2014

Baby Bump

It's finally happened....Mesa is starting to show. Let the gray hairs move in. I guess I'm ready :)
15 weeks

17 weeks

20 weeks

23 1/2 weeks

Thursday, April 3, 2014


My boys are too funny. I don't know where it comes from. I am NOT this funny, never have been.

Anyway,...the story goes like this....

Generally there are 4 Sundays in a month. At church, we have a schedule of how classes are taught for those 4 Sundays and it is routine as clockwork. On occasion, though, there is a 5th Sunday in a month. This is usually a time when we combine all the classes for several age groups (not including the small children) and we are taught by our Bishop or other area authority.

Last week, we had just such a class....a 5th Sunday and our bishop taught us. He said that our entire stake was asked to have this same particular subject as lesson material, and he proceeded to counsel us against pornography. Mesa was sitting next to me on one side and Morgan on the other (Tommy was home sick). During the class, I looked at Mesa and she looked at me....we shook hands and agreed we would both stop looking at porn (and giggled since neither of us care anything about it anyway). That was the last I had thought about it, because it just isn't an issue for our household.

On our way home from church, my little boys got started....
Manti and Mesa were such uncommon children, rarely fighting and not obsessed with body noises and functions. Morgan and Jared are so opposite Manti and Mesa at this age.

So as we drove, Jared is teasing and harrassing Morgan about the "mustache" he has suddenly developed (it isn't on his face,.... don't ask). I can't get Jared to understand that it is rude to talk about that and keep making a big deal out of it. He does it to embarrass Morgan, but its gotten annoying. So as we drove and he starts picking at his brother, I speak up and tell him that we had class in church that day, and the bishop said we have to stop talking like that.

*silence in the car*

Jared finally says, ... very softly.... "really?"

I said "YES REALLY! It's rude and the bishop taught our class today and said so! He said the stake president wants that kind of behavior to stop too! Right Mesa?" [She says "yep, I heard it too!"] and then I say "You heard it too, right Morgan?" and Morgan nodded vigorously while blushing a deeper red than he was already.

*silence for another moment*

Then Jared says ever so softly,....

"Did y'all rat me out?"

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My Egg Basket

We have a great cub scout program. I'm really enthusiastic about it. We have good leaders (besides me, of course lol) but not all are quite as enthusiastic as I am. One of my best friends (Sara) is scout motivated also, and she and I were talking about some motivational ideas we had. One of them was to award the leaders with a walking stick and then from time to time, award them a trinket they can hang on their staff. So to get that started, I'm making the sticks. Morgan needs to do a family project for one of his merit badges, so he's helping me with it (the whole family is, actually).

Yesterday, Morgan and I went out to our muscadine vines and started cutting out briars and scrub trees that had started growing up in them. We haven't pruned those vines in a couple years now, so they were pretty crazy. Morgan had a small hand saw and I had loppers. Together we cut out a bunch of stuff, and some of it was big enough that we got some walking sticks out of it. YAY!

So I sat a chair out there where we cut those things and Morgan and I stripped the bark off of 2 of them. It was a pretty day yesterday, lots of sunshine....I have a sunburn now..great... but anyway,... it was a lot of fun for Morgan and I, but very exhausting too.

At one point, I had to sit down and rest. I had a drink, had my tools by me, had my hot pink chair...I was good....and then I realized the stems and twigs and things I had Morgan dragging off to a burn pile also had some muscadine vines and tendrils in them.


I took a few of them and wove some wreaths, thinking these would make great dreamcatchers or could be a door wreath, whatever I wanted. I did 4 of them, in different sizes. The smallest one caught my made me think of a basket top. Next thing I know, I've spent 2 hours cutting pieces of those of vines we had trimmed and rapping them around themselves, sort of like a birds nest. I'm so proud of it!

We also have chickens. We've had these same chickens since last fall, and not one egg. These are Ameraucana hens, which means they lay colored eggs...when they lay. Well 3 days ago, they started laying! We've gotten blue eggs (kind of greenish blue) and some that are like brown eggs, except more of a pinkish brown. COOL! So to test out my basket, I had the boys put some of the eggs we got from our chickens into the basket.

Perfect! I love it! Only cost me a little bit of skin I had to pay to the sun gods.

Today, I am so stiff I can barely turn around in my chair.