Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Traditional Haircut? Not at MY house!

My little boys have begged and pleaded for mohawks, bald heads, long hair,... anything but "traditional" barber shop buzz cuts. I'm fine with not looking like ever other Tom, Dick and Harry,....oh wait, ... looking like TOM is ok. For several months, Morgan had a mohawk. It wasn't an ugly spiked thing that made you look for piercings and hair dye, it was very tasteful. Well all the sudden, every boy his age at church had a mohawk just like him! then he started seeing them at Walmart, and at Publix, ... and soon every boy his age had the same haircut and his wasn't unique anymore. He was done with it. So I cut it off and he started growing it. But he didn't want the Shaggy look (remember Shaggy, Scooby Doo's friend?). So what was Morgan's look?

About a month ago, Manti ordered a movie called The Song of Hiawatha. It's a REALLY FABULOUS movie! I highly recommend it! The main character has a very unique haircut. It is traditionally accurate for native people of that time period in that area of the country,...and low and behold, we've traced Tommy's ancestry to that neck of the woods too! So I asked Morgan if he'd like THAT haircut. What do you think?

The boys liked it, Tommy agreed, and I found a hairdresser willing to do it. Today was the day. Tommy and the boys went to the dentist for their regular cleanings and I stayed home playing the movie over and over and taking pictures to have one to take with us to the hairdresser. Can you believe that this awesome actor only has photos of his face? None of the back of his head!

I got the before pictures...

Docile enough, but definitely shaggy.
And then we have the "after shots"...

It's different all right! I think I like it! But what really makes this a great "do" is Jared. He is finatical that nobody and nothing "mess up" his hair. We left the building and walked outside. He started screaming NOOOOo! And holding his head. He was livid that the wind had the nerve to try to mess up his hair. And he won't let anybody touch him for fear they'll mess up his hair. No woman was ever this diligent in protecting their newly coiffed do!

Just wait,...that tiny ponytail will grow longer ;)


  1. And thus we see the end of Jared's beautiful blonde hair! (sigh)

  2. They look adorable Wian, they are unique and true to their heritage. I applaud both boys for not wanting to be like "everyone else". By the way, you look beautiful in the picture in your header. I miss you and all the gang from GraphxAnonymous.