Friday, March 5, 2010

Update of the Moment

Some of you, my readers, have wondered where I went, what I'm doing, do I still exist....

I'm here to answer those questions for you :)

Where I went:

What I'm doing:
It's easier to answer what I'm NOT doing. I'm NOT coloring my hair blonde, not going on any special vacations (or even UNspecial vacations), not getting rich quick OR slow, not getting a lot of sleep, not getting my way, ....

I do still exist though, even if only by a thread.

I still keep up with ward history (such as it is) and I still oversee emergency preparedness (which is humongous! Just ask me for a detail or two and see what happens! Or you can take the easy way out and just read my other blog.) I've been a part of Venturing in the BSA for over a year now. I got my ham radio license recently. I survived Tommy's heart attack and subsequent visits to the hospital and doctors doctors doctors (I guess I'm continuing to survive those since they haven't ended yet). Top it all off with this: I just got a third calling- Cub Scouts. That's right, I assist Wanda J. as her assistant den leader for Morgans cub scout pack. I've never had 3 callings at once that I can remember. If I ever did, I have been quite successful at blocking that memory.

So when I say I've been up to my neck in crocodiles, do you believe me?
How did this happen? I dunno...guess I stepped into the wrong puddle.
I have to say though, cub scouts is still pretty fun and I'm learning that as hard as emergency preparedness can be, also can be fun.

Now if I could just stay home long enough to clean my house or cook a regular meal....

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