Thursday, September 23, 2010

Morgan Turns 9

If you've been in Carroll County lately, you have undoubtedly heard the countdown. First, it was counting down full moons till September. Then it was counting down weeks till September 21st, and then it was counting down "sleeps" till Morgan's birthday,....and of course he has to do it repeatedly and at the top of his excited little lungs!

Yesterday was the day. He wanted a birthday party, but all his friends were in school, so we made a deal. On this birthday, we had a family celebration with cake, candles and presents. My kids had dirt and worms...

Today was cub scout day, and Wanda let ME plan out the activities. So I planned a day of Morgan Favorites. We picked up some cupcakes for snacks. Look at cute!

While the boys were eating cupcakes, Wanda passed out sheets of paper that had a secret coded message on them. She talked about ways to communicate and then they tried to figure out the code. When they finished, they could make up their own. Next was a magic show. Imagine me with my stage face on. (Wanda took pictures of that, so I don't have any pics to show yet.) I performed the famous magic wands with tassels (the one where you pull one tassel down and the tassel on the other side appears to be attached, so you in effect are pulling a tassel from a separate magic wand.) I also had a box, dropped a puffball into it, closed the box and the ball vanished. But when the boys said the magic words (please and thank you), the puffball magically reappeared inside. Then I read their minds. They chose a picture on a cube, put the cube inside my little box, and I guess (correctly, I might add) the image on the top of the cube. It took me a minute to be able to hear their thoughts,...lots of noise going on in their heads! I also had a magic red foam ball that I tucked into my hand, blew on it, had the boys say the magic words (please and thank you) and when I opened my hand, there were 2 balls there. So after the show, I showed my secrets and the boys each performed the tricks to each other ----even Jared who refuses to believe he has to wait till he's 8 to be a cub scout.

After magic, I pulled out spongebob silly bands and let the boys choose some. Morgan GAVE presents instead of expecting any. Next, Manti and Mesa taught them how to play some "indian games" outside. The boys found out they were harder than they expected,..which was GREAT! And lastly, one of the boys had brought a bug cage with a caterpillar in it. The kids had planted some things outside the school where we meet, so Wanda walked them out to the butterfly bush and they released the caterpillar there.

Lots of achievements for all the boys, lots of smiles, lots of fun, and Morgan was most thrilled.

All in all, turning 9 wasn't too painful for me, but that doesn't mean I'm looking forward to 10!


  1. what a great mama! and happy birthday to the man of the hour!!!

  2. Oh my, 9 already?! Happy belated birthday, Morgan! :)