Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bragging on Morgan

My Morgan is a sweet boy. He loves everybody,...even people he doesn't particular enjoy being around, he loves them too! I don't understand that. I haven't learned how to yet! Anyway, Morgan has a very hard time reading. He is an ADD kid with some ADHD tendencies. This makes it super hard for him and he knows it. He is painfully aware of his struggles and that he is behind a lot of kids his age, but he still tries very hard. This makes it sting me even more when insensitive people feel the need to embarrass him about it or confront me about it. (Just a hint,...I don't advise doing that. My tolerance quota is full.)

Morgan is a cub scout, and we use cub scout activities to enhance schooling for him. There is a lot reading and writing involved in scouts, which gives him lots of practice time while HE thinks he's just doing fun stuff. Today we had a moment together that seemed perfect for working on his Faith In God award, the religious award offered by our church to cub scouts. Morgan only has 2 more things to finish and he'll receive it. One of those requirements is to write a poem about something Heavenly Father created. I talked to Morgan about what a poem is and how you pull one out of your heart. I told him it didn't have to rhyme and that if he'd just tell me the words, I would be his scribe and write it for him. He closed his eyes and in just a moment, he spoke these words....bringing tears to his mothers eyes....

I love nature,
And nature loves me.
The trees give me shade;
That makes me happy.
The ground lets me run
As much as I can.
When I hear the birds sing,
I think about Heavenly Father:
He made them...
And He made me.

How beautiful that is, in more ways than one.

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  1. My super hero just made me cry. That poem is so beautiful.