Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Fishermen

My little boys have never been fishing before. Our lives have not been supportive of fun activities like that for them because Tommy's health and my excess responsibilities. I've felt bad about that, but I can only do so much. So when I get a chance to do something fun for them, I really try hard to. I do this for the older kids too,...but their ideas of fun things has changed a lot and doesn't include me nearly as often anymore.
Being in cub scouts has put me in a better position to do some stuff with the little boys, but finances have still kept a cap on that somewhat. Then I was called as a cub scout den leader- which means I'm the one planning and scheduling cub scout activities for Morgan's age group. I decided to plan a fishing trip. It gets some cub scout credit for the boys and some fishing fun for my little ones.
Emanuel Reid was our guide. He has a friend that lives on a big lake. The friend took us all out on a small fishing pontoon and parked us right on a fishing hotspot. Those boys started reeling fish in as soon as bait touched water! A total of 26 fish were brought home. I saw probably 8 more fish thrown back for being a little too small! And because there few enough of the boys, Jared got to come too. It was a great day.. see for yourself...


  1. WOW!! What a fun day! I'm so glad there are people in the world like you who look for opportunities to do interesting things with little boys, and people like Bro. Reid who will help to make them happen. What an exciting thing for those big fishermen!

  2. WOW, the look on their faces! Unforgettable. The memories you made that day with them.

    AND The beautiful hair is gone! OH MY. I about cried too...What made him decide to do that? Probably will be nice for summer though. lol