Sunday, August 26, 2012


Friday was a pleasant day for the most part. [insert that shark music "duhn duhn duhn duhn duhn duhn"]
We took a drive into Atlanta to go to the LDS bookstore. My friend is getting baptized and I wanted to get her a gift, and of course, they sell stuff PERFECT for shipping goodies to Manti. So we do our thing and then head back towards home, stopping at the scout shop on the way. Morgan has earned his Arrow of Light award (the highest rank in cub scouting) and will have his ceremony this week. He is also being awarded the Super Achiever Award which denotes that he has earned EVERY activity pin a webelos can get. He's super because he has done it in 1 years time instead of the 2 years time that community cub scouts get. Yes, I'm proud. So I got him something special to show him I'm proud of him. He's the only cub scout we've had to do that in all my years of cub scouts.
We finished our shopping and got on I-285 headed home. It was 5 o'clock rush hour and it was ugly. When we got on I-20, traffic was even worse.. it was awful! I was tense and didn't notice much of anything else except what was right in front of me. I don't remember where along the interstate we were, but at some point I hear this softly spoken,... "Fire in the hole!"....followed by giggles....and then "JARED! My eyes are burning!" I barked at them asking what they were doing. Morgan said he was dying and Jared was laughing so hard at this point that he had no answer. I didn't get it (remember, I was focused on traffic) so Jared tried to help me understand. He whispers again "Fire in the hole!" and Morgan hollers "GET AWAY FROM ME PLEASE!" I looked up in my rear-view mirror and Morgan is trying to climb THROUGH the car door to get out of it and Jared is sunk down in his booster seat just beside himself in laughter. Before I could ask anything else, I figured it out. This horrid smell that resembled sulfur but with a rotten smell about it found its way to the front seat of the car.
I think I turned green. Tommy started giggling,....
Do you know how long a drive it is from Cobb Pkwy to Villa Rica?? looonnnnnnng!

If that wasn't bad enough, today is a quiet and calm Sunday afternoon. Want to know what my 2 little boys are doing? If these pictures don't tell the tale,...nothing will.


  1. I'm in love with the pictures!

  2. I sat here laughing with tears running down my cheeks as I read. "Fire in the hole"? What a way to put it! Just be glad no one struck a match!

  3. Oh Mama, don't give them any ideas!