Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sister Crazy

Mesa is the Sunbeam teacher at church. That means a tiny room full of 3 year olds. Looking through the little window in her door, I get a sneak peek into a world of little monkeys hyped up on speed. It's crazy and most people seeing that will get wide-eyed and run screaming to the safety of ANY other class. Because that's how this class is, Mesa has a co-teacher and they take turns teaching the lesson and both chase kids around to keep the chaos as minimal as possible.

/ Let me pause here to mention just how much I love my cub scouts who are older than age 3 and are typically a little easier to into a chair /

The girl who teaches with Mesa is pregnant, and she recently had a loss in her family that has gotten to her a lot. This has meant that for the last few months, Mesa has needed help in her class and getting substitutes to help her are like... well.... go reread that "monkeys hyped up on speed" description. Today was one of those days when Mesa needed some help and it was last minute, so finding someone was going to be difficult. I volunteered. I didnt have my own class to teach and I could easily stay with her through all of it.

I started out in singing/sharing time. Wow.... they make 3 year olds a lot stronger than I remember them being! I took it as a challenge. I couldn't let this miniature person outwit me! After all, I AM CREATIVE! So I grabbed up this one little guy (who is a SOLID chunk of a kid and quick as a whip!) and got him back to his chair. I thought quick and yanked out a piece of paper from my purse and every color of pen I had in there. Fortunately, I had just cleaned out my purse Saturday night so I knew I had a green highlighter, a red ink pen, a black ink pen, a blue ink pen and a pink gel pen. All those colors got me out of a tough spot! I got him talked into drawing with me, and then I got called out of the room. YIKES! Mesa was on her own for a bit.

I came back in and found little chunk man out of control again. So again, I talked him into drawing again, by telling him I would draw him a dragon. (What do dragons look like? Can;t believe he was convinced I could draw one!) I made him draw the fire from his mouth, so that got me a little time. Luckily it was soon time for class and I talked him into walking me to his class.

We got into the classroom and the kids sat down at a short table and Mesa got them to help her pass out cups and napkins. She handed me their raisins and animal crackers and I passed those out. I wonder if I gave them too much because they took FOREVER to eat them! While they sat, I talked and talked to them...just trying to keep them sitting. I sang them the crocodile song my mother used to sing to me when I was a kid,... and as soon as I finished they yelled AGAIN! So I sang it again and then again they all yelled AGAIN! I told him I could sing to them if they didn't tell me their names, so they all told me their names. I told them MY name too, and they tried to repeat it. Refer one more time to that monkeys on speed comment. They are 3.. that means they speak English noises, but not the English language. My name came out as Sister Crazy instead of Sister Bailey. That sent them all into peals of laughter, which worked for me. It kept them all at the table and kept them all paying attention to whatever Sister Crazy would say or do next. They all decided they were my friends, even the one little boy who Mesa says NEVER talks.

That was just enough time for Mesa to get her lesson presented to them. Of course, it led us to hear a story about the private part that got hit and broken by one of the moms. ... I know kids should be taught the correct names of body parts, but holy cow, can we include appropriate times to SAY THOSE WORDS in that teaching moment?? Wow the things kids will say!

Next up was potty time, so Mesa whisked half of them out the door while I kept the others occupied. We finished up her lesson concept and cleaned up our snack trash. Of course, they made sure I had a snack cup too and I had to throw MINE away too. Next came putting up chairs and table and getting out the bubbles. We blew bubbles for a bit, then we played London Bridge and then Duck Duck Goose. Wow.... again I say,... Monkeys!

The scary thing is,...... / can't believe I'm about to say this / ......I had fun!
When I was walking out of the church, one of the little bitty girls that always acts up and screams if anybody comes near her said "bye Sister Crazy!" I feel rewarded!

I also feel ready for my 8 and 9 year old cub scouts!

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  1. Sister Crazy, I applaud you! Mesa is very brave to go into that room every Sunday, but you are even braver to VOLUNTEER to go in. I really admire you.