Sunday, March 17, 2013

Boys and Sushi

When Manti was newly deposited in New Mexico on his mission, he made a comment to me in one of his letters that I couldn't understand whatever he was getting at because I hadn't been blessed with the missionary blessings he had received. I don't even remember what it was that he thought I couldn't understand, but I remember how upset that one phrase made me. I decided that if he were right,...if I really didn't understand what it was like to be in his shoes,....I could ask to be! I will never have the same opportunity he has, but I am sacrificing so that he can have this opportunity and I don't believe I will have to forego blessings just because of that. So I prayed and asked for my own experience so that I COULD understand Manti's perspective.

Low and behold, it took the Lord about 2 weeks to make that happen,...and one of my friends from scouting took the discussions and got baptized. It was an experience unlike any I've had meant so much to me to be a part of that. She'll know fully know the role she played in my own personal progression.

Anyway, she has a son that is close to Morgan's age. Two years in summer camp, her son and mine were in the same den so they had known each other prior to this baptism. Adrian is not quick to jump on the bandwagon though. He weighs things out and thinks on them and makes his own decisions. He's a super smart kid! Morgan has been at his side all this time as he has learned about our church and made his own mind up. Morgan just loves Adrian.

The day came when Adrian chose to be baptized (that was this past Saturday) and he really wanted Morgan to be there. I had been at work, so I got off early and drove to the church. Tommy came from the house with the boys,... but he was running late. He was also nearly out of gas and we didn't realize it sooner. He stopped at a gas station, but he had no cash, just a bank card, and their machine wouldn't accept his card (it's got scratches I guess). He calls me and I have cash, but I'm at the baptism already! What to do.... Mesa and John pull up beside me and I run over to them and hand John some cash and tell him where Tommy is and send him. Mesa comes in with me. We figure our family is represented, the others will get there, just late. John takes off and we go inside...we sit next to our friends,...and they wait....and they wait....and they wait...I ask Sara what they are waiting for, and she says that Adrian wants to wait for Morgan.


I call Tommy and find out where they are, I tell him they are waiting, and when John gets there he sends the boys with him so Morgan gets there sooner. I talked Sara into getting things started and surely they would arrive before Adrian went into the water. The talk finished....and still no Tommy and boys. I was really antsy! I figured Morgan would just miss seeing Adrian get in the water,.... nope! Adrian wouldn't get out of his chair! That child sat unmovable until Morgan walked through the door and sat next to him!


So Adrian is now officially baptized and is happy, because Morgan is there.

Afterwards, our two families decided to go out to eat together. We went to a buffet place in Douglasville and it had LOTS of variety. Morgan was in HOGheaven,... yeah I meant to capitalize it that way. That boy had one plate filled with crawfish and crablegs. He had another plate with some Chinese food on it. He had another plate with fruit. He had another plate with some bread and some spinach stuffed rolls and some other vegetables. He went back later for a plate FULL of icecream (no lie, he had about 10 scoops of ice cream on that plate,... every flavor!) He went back for a plate of orange wedges. He ate and ate....I don't know how he didn't pop!

It was funny, yes. So I told Morgan if he was going to eat all of that, he should try something new too. I sent him back to the bar to get some calamari. I figure if he can have some of everything, try something he can't normally try, right? He went back and got himself some squid and took a bite. He chewed....for a while....he looked at me and tried to pass the other half of his piece to someone else. I laughed and told him he did good, he tasted it and now he knows if he likes it that way. But he still had half a piece of meat in his hand, so we told him to squeeze a lemon on it and see if that makes it taste different. Maybe he'd like it that way. He squeezed a HUGE piece of lemon on it and popped the whole piece into his mouth. Lemon didn't make it better I guess LOL!

So we're nearly done eating and the boys get to playing with pennies. They moved to the next table over so they could spin the pennies better. Look at their focus...

Well, Sara's husband Randy loves sushi and that is available on this buffet too. So he's eating it and I'm watching and its weird looking to me. He and Sara start suggesting I taste it. I'm no fan of the idea of raw meat. Sara hops up and goes to the bar. She comes back with a plate of 3 pieces of sushi. Ok its probably called a California roll,... no raw meat in it. One had the rice rolled in a seaweed wrap and in the middle was a piece of artificial crab meat (cooked) and a bit of cream cheese. I put that one in my mouth,... it took some courage I'll tell ya! I chewed it and the cream cheese squirted out from the middle. EWW! It didn't taste bad like I thought it would, but that cream cheese left me thinking blechy thoughts. Sara goes back and gets some wasabi and a slice of ginger. She says that's how SHE likes it, so try it and see if that makes it any better tasting. I just said that to Morgan..... *sigh*.... so the next piece I pick up is the rice in a seaweed wrap and it has avocado and cucumber and a tiny piece of artificial crab in it. I took the slightest bit of wasabi and smeared it on the end of this roll, and took an itsy bitsy piece of ginger and put it on there and popped the whole thing in my mouth.

I'll let the pictures finish this story for me.

Sara says to me "Now you know for sure you don't like it!" Tommy got that 3rd roll.

Sushi is great to some people and not to others..... I'm an other!

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