Friday, December 20, 2013


You probably thought I had neglected my blog,...maybe even figured I had forgotten I had one...or perhaps I just felt you didn't need to know anything in my life anymore....right? wrong.
In fact,... back a few weeks ago, I got a text message from Mesa and the whirlwind began then.

What whirlwind? ... you ask....

That's what I got on my phone. Two pink lines means that in August, we should have one pink baby too.

Do not call me Granny, Grandmaw, Grandma, Gran Gran, Mawmaw, Nana or anything else. I'm not old enough for such language! I'll wait for the baby to start talking to me and tell me what my name is. *shivers*

So your mind is reeling with questions, right? I'll answer a few:

  • Due date is August 5th. 
  • Yes, morning sickness has struck....hard.
  • If you ask her what she wants, she'll say "a duck", because in reality, she doesn't care so long as it is healthy.
  • Is she excited? Like a little Justin Bieber fan!
  • Is John excited? yep.
  • Am I excited,............ ummmm....... 
Well, let's say it this way, when there is a baby in my arms, I'll be thrilled. Between now and then, I see a belly full of stress and worry. I have PCOS and it has caused me difficulties with every pregnancy except MAYBE Manti. Mesa has exhibited several of my symptoms already and has had a little spotting. So I have concern there. I feel like they as a couple are very ill-prepared for such an adventure, but as I have said for nearly 2 years now,....this isn't MY lesson to learn or my reward to earn. I have a hard time shutting my mouth and letting go, but I really do try. I worry myself silly and I do too much...and a baby is going to increase all of that for me. But the good news is.... I have till August to work through that and find my excitement too.

Now before anybody scolds me or preaches at me, I am NOT disappointed or upset and I am NOT downplaying this special time for Mesa and John. I'm just feeling cautious and concerned and motherly worry for the health and safety of my daughter.....and my unborn grand-daughter (yep,...that's what I'm guessing at this point.)

So there you go! SURPRISE!

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  1. Been there. Done that. Understand. Sympathize. And thrilled? Absolutely!!