Thursday, April 3, 2014


My boys are too funny. I don't know where it comes from. I am NOT this funny, never have been.

Anyway,...the story goes like this....

Generally there are 4 Sundays in a month. At church, we have a schedule of how classes are taught for those 4 Sundays and it is routine as clockwork. On occasion, though, there is a 5th Sunday in a month. This is usually a time when we combine all the classes for several age groups (not including the small children) and we are taught by our Bishop or other area authority.

Last week, we had just such a class....a 5th Sunday and our bishop taught us. He said that our entire stake was asked to have this same particular subject as lesson material, and he proceeded to counsel us against pornography. Mesa was sitting next to me on one side and Morgan on the other (Tommy was home sick). During the class, I looked at Mesa and she looked at me....we shook hands and agreed we would both stop looking at porn (and giggled since neither of us care anything about it anyway). That was the last I had thought about it, because it just isn't an issue for our household.

On our way home from church, my little boys got started....
Manti and Mesa were such uncommon children, rarely fighting and not obsessed with body noises and functions. Morgan and Jared are so opposite Manti and Mesa at this age.

So as we drove, Jared is teasing and harrassing Morgan about the "mustache" he has suddenly developed (it isn't on his face,.... don't ask). I can't get Jared to understand that it is rude to talk about that and keep making a big deal out of it. He does it to embarrass Morgan, but its gotten annoying. So as we drove and he starts picking at his brother, I speak up and tell him that we had class in church that day, and the bishop said we have to stop talking like that.

*silence in the car*

Jared finally says, ... very softly.... "really?"

I said "YES REALLY! It's rude and the bishop taught our class today and said so! He said the stake president wants that kind of behavior to stop too! Right Mesa?" [She says "yep, I heard it too!"] and then I say "You heard it too, right Morgan?" and Morgan nodded vigorously while blushing a deeper red than he was already.

*silence for another moment*

Then Jared says ever so softly,....

"Did y'all rat me out?"

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  1. I am just sitting here laughing, totally at a loss for words.