Thursday, June 24, 2010

Follow-up: for Mama

Didn't mean to leave anybody hanging,...

Manti came home safely of course. The Durango seems fine. I don't know if Tommy "fixed" it or if he "patched" it,...but I'm just not sure I want to know either.

I didn't have a nervous breakdown, but I think the only reason is because I had a couple hours of WONDERFUL the day before and that gave me some measure of rest before the big junk hit.

Sounds like "all is well", right? Well not quite.

Sunday was Father's Day. We almost always go to Terry's house for Sunday evening visiting, and we went last Sunday too. I had planned to call my daddy around that time as well, but when we got to Terry's house, his air conditioning was acting up so badly that something needed to be done. Terry's health won't allow him to get under the house, but he tried. Tommy and Manti ended up going under his house and getting repairs made. It took them 2 days though! We didn't get home till 10:30pm that night,...too late to call my daddy. :(

Monday night they finished at Terry's house and I finished helping Sheryl with some work she had for me to help with, and we came home. Tuesday and Wednesday I had to work. Wednesday, Tommy tells me how I'm not going to like coming home from work. What does that mean? It means OUR air conditioning unit has gone out and needs engine work done (or replacement) and we are now forced to rearrange the living room furniture (which I'm not interested in doing) and using a window unit a/c! It is 81 degrees in my livingroom (the one with the air conditioner) and its 96 on my porch. None of us slept well last night because it was so hot in the house. The outside cooled off quickly last night,...the inside held the heat. We must have better insulation than I thought!

Today, we're all just lounging around, dreading having to do anything. I've got some of the livingroom rearrangement done but just don't feel like doing the rest. I'm still in my pajamas too!

Tonight is venturing scouts night, so not much going to get done about the a/c right now either. Gonna be a long week I'm afraid. Thank goodness I can pay bills online and not have to get out to do them!

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