Saturday, June 12, 2010

How Dreamy....

Tommy called me while I was work. He told me he wanted me to do my best to come home as close to "on time" as possible. He said it was important, but not urgent, and he wouldn't say more. Of course, that meant that I was more curious than ever and even texting the kids to find out what he was up to didn't prove fruitful. So I had the shop closed up tight right at 5:30 and I scrambled out the door 5 minutes after that. It takes 15 minutes to get home, but this time it only took about 12. I guess the cops were across town!)

When I pulled into the driveway, Tommy came out to the car and met me there. He handed me a small bag and told me I could open it if I got out of the drivers seat and went to sit in the passenger seat. So I did, because you canNOT hand me something and not let me look inside! When I got in the car, he had gotten into the drivers seat and started the engine back up. I looked at him funny, but was more interested in that bag! So he starts backing out and I'm fishing through the bag and opening up a little box to find a pretty necklace inside. It was a silver chain with a small charm on it, a heart, and engraved with his initial and mine combined as if they were one letter. *How sweet!* So I put it on and immediately start interrogating him as to where we're going and did the kids know and were they getting supper ready. He told me to just enjoy the ride and he turned on the radio,....not to his usual "old fogey" music or talk radio, and not to my country music,...but some easy-listening style songs that reminded me of being a teenager in love. I admit, I was impressed.

A little further down the road, he tells me not to get out of the car when he stops. So I said ok and just sat there when he pulled into the Japanese restaurant parking lot. He got out and walked around to my door and opened it. He held out his hand to guide me out of the door, as if I were a lady (which we all know doesn't sound like me anymore)! I was all smiles, no doubt!

In we go and he tells the person at the door his name and its just the two of us. The girl walks us back to a table .... and we're the only ones there! Normally they seat people at the table till they can't fit anymore people at it! Our order was taken immediately and they started bringing it out before I could finish wiping my hands off with the warm cloth they offered me. WOW!

We ate a delicious meal (and of course I got to get the lobster dinner,...WOOHOO!) and then went out to the car. When we go there, Tommy opened my door for me, and there lying in my seat was a long stem white rose and a long stem red rose. On the seat beside them was a little simple card the size of a business card and it said "My passionate love for you is eternal." Ok, I admit it,...I got teary-eyed. How sweet of him! He stood there while I got in the car, and bent down on one knee and held out a little tiny box to me. He opened it up and inside of it was a silver ring that matched my necklace. It was engraved inside and said "Always and Forever". He held it out to me and asked me if I would remain his sweetheart....Always and Forever. I started to babble and reached around his neck as if he'd just proposed to me.

And then he got in the car beside me and started driving. He took me to a motel instead of going home. I was seriously confused now, because the kids were still at home! He reminded me that Manti is almost 20 years old, Mesa is almost 18 and we're only about 15 minutes away. They know what's going on, and they have cell phones. Then he comes around to my door, opens it, and walks me around to the room he had already reserved for us and told me we were going to have a quiet getaway, just the two of us,...and I could call it a second honeymoon if I wanted to.....

....and then I woke up, still at work and it's just 5:10pm. Man, wouldn't it be nice he called and told me he hoped I could get out of the shop as close to 5:30 as possible? *sigh*


  1. Well, if he doesn't call you, he can call me! I wouldn't even order the lobster, and he could have his own bed!

  2. what.. what??? it was a dream?? REALLY??? arggggggggggggg

  3. Oh come on DADDY!!! *hint hint*

    What!? :o I was so in awe and... and... a dream?... that just sucks