Saturday, July 31, 2010


The month of July has been especially challenging for me: Twilight Camp happened, a frantic house-cleaning party happened, the air conditioning has been GONE,... yeah, tough month. So as you can guess, yesterday was a tense day as well. It wasn't a "bad" day, just a tense one. I had one of those days at work where every customer (ok not EVERY customer, but a large percentage) had a million questions to ask, and the majority of those were the same questions over and over, just asked in different words each time it got re-asked. (Yes, the same person most of the time.) And it was one of those days where the phone barely rang till after lunch and then it wouldn't STOP ringing. At least half the calls were from people who felt they truly needed to speak to Linda and Linda only and one of them was even appalled that I was the one working yesterday. I got some smack talk for that guy if he ever calls back! Then after work, I go to Kroger and pick up some supper stuff, and as I'm getting in line, a voice over the speaker system says if you are paying with a debit card, either find a different form of payment or leave your groceries and go home. (They didn't say it quite that way, but that's what they meant.) Wellllll.... Tommy has lost his wallet and we can't find it anywhere. So he has no cash and no bank card. I gave him all the cash I had and gave him the checkbook before I left for work. So a debit card was all I had! I wanted to cry at that point...and slowly started back down the aisles putting groceries back up. As I was on my fourth item, the voice came back over the speaker and says "if you want to try running your debit card as a credit, it might work." That was my only choice if I didn't want to go to the Hellmart....which I really really didn't. I got back in line with what was left in my cart and ran my card as a credit. It worked. I got home and temporarily collapsed in my chair.

That's when Morgan came running in the house with a jar of water with a lid on it. He tells me he has a tadpole collection. ???? Have you seen where I live? There is a pond at the lower portion of our property, and there is a lake behind us on the neighbor's property. Morgan would have had to go through the woods for that though. Certain times of the year and under certain conditions, we DO have a LOT of small frogs that come out at night and hop around our yard and driveway, and poor Possum (the dog) commonly has a frog or two commit suicide in his water bucket. Could that be how Morgan found tadpoles? Suddenly Tommy started yelling to take them out. So I called Morgan closer so I could see.....

These aren't actual pictures, but are a good representation of what he brought in..... and a picture of tadpoles at the bottom to compare with. What an ending to a stressful day!


  1. What ARE those yucky looking things? They could have come from The Nightmare Before Christmas!

  2. Granny, I think your glasses need to be checked... Nightmare before christmas is about halloween not tadpoles.. Hahaha

  3. The first picture (and what Morgan brought to show me) are mosquito larvae. The second picture is what tadpoles look like. I don't see Nightmare Before Christmas either,...maybe one of those movies "Elvira, Mistress of the Dark" used to narrate though, like "Attack of the Killer Larvae."

  4. So maybe it should be called "Morgan's Nightmare in a Jar." I'd still hate to get it for Christmas.