Friday, March 11, 2011

YSA Dance Pics

Manti and Mesa are fortunate enough to be a part of the Young Single Adults here. The kids are a blend of different young people testing the world to decide what kind of grown adults they'll be, and they have advisers that I really believe love these kids genuinely. It's SO good!

So recently the kids had a dance planned. It was a multi-stake dance, and it had a theme: 1930s-1940s. That's a little on the strange side in my opinion, but nobody asked me. We spent weeks trying to figure out what do about Mesa's hair so it would fit with the theme and then to find her something to wear!

I found a dress at the Salvation Army Store...of all places! Less than $10 and she was good to go! The dress is a long straight black dress- NOT fitted. It had a layer of brown lace on it also. It goes all the way to the ankles, so she wore black boots underneath because I cheaped out and didn't go shoe shopping for something like this. The dress had no sleeves, so we put a black tshirt underneath it. The hair was still hard to figure out though.

I had posted a note on facebook asking for ideas if anybody knew how to do a 1930s style hair-do. I got a few links to sites and youtubes and that led me to what I wanted to try. I told Mesa about it and she was game...even though I said the word "hairnet" in my explanation. I'm not great with hair,...I'm not bad, but I'm not great. Her hair could have looked better, it was my very best effort that day, and she's still very pretty I think. So here are the pictures of her...and Manti went also, dressed the part as well!

That's her hair in the back, all directions.

Just Mesa
Just Manti
My very nice looking children...
...I said nice looking children...

Anybody else getting suspicious?

Mesa, don't start anything you can't finish...
I think he gets that from my Daddy!
Well, at least they LOOK pretty!

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  1. STRAAAAAANNNGGEEE!! But I love 'em! And they really are pretty!