Saturday, July 30, 2011

Atlanta High Museum of Art

At work, there are only 3 of us: the boss, the massage therapist, and me. If I'm working, the boss is off and vice versa. The massage therapist (Patty) works her own schedule, so both me and the boss have days we share with Patty. All of us are pretty good friends too, so at Christmas, we like to give some token of our friendship to each other. This year, Patty wanted to "give me a break"....and it was a PERFECT gift! She and I planned to take a trip into Atlanta, just the two of us, and visit the High Museum of Art. I've never been there, or to anything like that. I was looking forward to it. We planned a day, and I got sick on that day- REAL sick, so we canceled.

Well here it is July, and Patty is dealing with fiercely emotional situations and so am I. Both of us are experiencing stresses that put us into tears, and we SO needed a break. She and I decided....let's have Christmas in July! Today was our day. Oh wow how we needed it!

I went to her house and jumped in her car. Together we rode to Atlanta and chatted all the way. That alone was great fun, but then we arrived there in Mid-Town. The buildings were fascinating to me! Everything was shiny! Look at this building that is directly in front of us. It is so shiny that it is reflecting the building you see just to our left. Isn't that cool?

So we go inside the museum and there are HUGE wide open rooms with art hung on the walls. I have to admit,...very little of it impressed me. I decided that I am no fan of watercolor paintings, at least some watercolor paintings. They just don't look enough different from what my kids hang on the fridge to make me think they are extraordinary.There was an African artist I liked though. He had a display with piano keys.....he filled a room full of them! It was just the keys....and a key is more than just the part you press with your fingers. It actually is hammer-like and all wooden. So there were lots and lots of piano keys on the floor with a head in the middle of it, if the person was drowning in a sea of musical keys. That was cool. We found a display of cut glass....they were really pretty too. There were several statues and some vases and pottery,...have a look at some of what we saw:

Look at this lady. Doesn't she look cranky? She must be thinking "You couldn't wait and paint my portrait AFTER I finished fixing my hair?" What makes this even more outlandish is that she is a French Huguenot in SC during the 1700s.....which means she COULD be related to me :S

Oh and they had some neat looking furniture. Patty and I both liked this gigantic mirror.
It was all interesting and I learned a little...but honestly, I was MORE fascinated with the architecture around me. See the ceiling of the building we were in?

And look at this awesome tree outside in the courtyard. See that building right there next to it that looks like a cartoon shape superimposed on to the photo? Nope,..not that at all. That building is actually there! Crazy, huh?

But this is probably the neatest one. It's a bust of a man with a basketball. See how tall it is by comparing it to the flagpole next to it.
You should see it close up. Look what it's made from!

It was a really neat trip. I got a picture of the Fox Theater, and I got a picture of a black guy with a white mohawk crossing the street, and I took a picture of a "dolphin on the square" and a trolley type vehicle splashing across mud puddles...lots of neat stuff. I ate a panini for lunch and had a MOST AWESOME lemonade drink with it. Best of all, I didn't have to do a single thing. I didn't have to worry about anything and I could laugh all I wanted to. We smiled a lot, we made fun of some of the artwork, we jay-walked once.... it was such a wonderful day.

Thank you Patty! Merry Christmas to all, and to all,....a good night!

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