Saturday, July 16, 2011

Super Morgan

Morgan has always had an imagination that has only been rivaled by his sister, Mesa. Mesa developed imaginary friends that she virtually lived with day in and day out. Morgan has been a storyteller. Little does he know what a valuable gift that will be to him one day....or how much it endears him to people now. With that in mind,...let me tell you about Twilight Camp.

Twilight Camp is Cub Scout summer camp, just takes place in the "twilight hours" instead of during the day. Manti went to Day Camp-- see the difference? Just time of day. Anyway, Morgan has had difficulty with certain areas of education, and because he is a tender-hearted person, I can't stand the thoughts of someone hurting his feelings. So my remedy has been to be volunteer at the camp as his den leader. The fact that I love scouting probably more than any of my boys doesn't come into that at all....really! So Morgan loves camp and I mean HE LOVES CAMP! These kids do gobs of games and arts/crafts and sports. They even throw in some education, but the kids hardly ever realize that. They achieve goals from their scout books and earn awards by doing so. They learn life lessons too, like teamwork and responsibility and positive thinking. And NOBODY demonstrates THOSE things better than my Morgan. I'm not exaggerating one little bit!

This year, we arrived at camp and got registered. I was assigned 9 boys to be responsible for. I quickly inform them that one of the rules of camp is the buddy system, so everybody needs a buddy and one buddy group will have to have 3 in it. Would you believe it, these kids remembered Morgan from last year and 6 of them asked for Morgan to be their buddy! Poor Morgan didn't know what to do! I helped him a bit and told him it was ok to choose anybody, because choosing a buddy didn't mean you were picking only one person to be friends with. It meant you were choosing one person who would drop everything and go with you when you needed someone to take you to the bathroom or first aid or run an errand. Morgan chose a boy from our of the older ones. I was really surprised, but also glad. The other boys paired up, and the 2 that didn't choose him simply didn't know him, but were choosing him by the end of the week for odd errands they needed help with. That's my dependable and always willing to help little boy!

Morgan with his buddy.

Day one, we played flag football. Morgan is not sports-minded so much, but he wants to do every little thing asked of him. So he jumped right in and tried his best. It's still not "his thing", but he made effort to learn and I saw quick progress for him.

Day two was wrist rockets. My boy beat his target all up! I was so proud! Day three we got to do BB guns. That's the favorite for most boys, but every one of my boys gave Morgan "props" for being an excellent shot. Take a look at his target! Where'd the center go? He shot it out!

Day four was archery day, and all these little boys were bragging about how awesome they were---- until Morgan landed bullseye after bullseye. He grouped several right into the same hole too. THATS my super-Morgan! And to top it all off, he patted each boy on the back and never bragged that he out-shot any of them. Tell me I don't have a great kid!

Notice his big brother was even proud of him and left his station to come support Morgan.

And just look at the joy in his face! He is the ONLY kid who never begged to carry the den flag or the spirit stick when we won it. He always let others go first and he stepped out of the way so every boy had a chance to do whatever he wanted....and not one of them ever thanked him for that. He never noticed that either. He just gladly gave them space.

One of the days, the boys had to write letters to a friend and a family member. Morgan chose to write to his Granny and to one of the boys in our group. Funny thing is, two boys in our group chose to write Morgan! I must have good kids because some of the boys chose to write to Manti and a couple wrote to Mesa! Yes,....I'm bragging.

I had a good group of boys who participated and didn't give me TOO much grief during the hottest days of the year. As good as they were, nobody else was a Super-Morgan!

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  1. I just love that little boy! He is my awesome Super Hero!