Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cub Scouts-Future Missionaries

13 years ago, Manti was a cub scout and I was his den leader. He and I worked hard on all sorts of activities. He learned so much and I can see that scouting molded his character. Today, Manti is an Eagle Scout who has won Carroll County Eagle Scout of the Year and is now serving a mission--carrying his skills and character to total strangers. He is continuing the scouting values in a whole new way.

And here at home, I am guiding Morgan through cub scouts and preparing Jared for cub scouts. We use Manti as an example quite often. Today, our project was to achieve the Communicating Belt Loop. One of the requirements for this award is to write and send a letter to someone. I found directions for folding a piece of paper into a shirt, so I took those instructions to scouts and showed the boys how to do it. Then they wrote letters to Manti on the inside and dropped them into my "mail slot"/envelope. I will send them out in a day or two. Are they not the cutest little things?

One day, .... at least some of these same boys will be Eagle Scouts....and hopefully missionaries after that.

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