Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The District

I'm on a Missionary Moms email list. The list divides itself out to specific mission locations, so Manti's mission area is one list (the one I'm on) and there are umpteen others so moms of missionaries in those areas can correspond and support each other.

So recently I was saying hi to a new mom who just joined the group and had told us all where her son is going. He is in exactly the same mission as Manti, just a month and a half behind him. Another mom had also said hi and told the lady her son was currently in the MTC, Spanish speaking, and leaves the MTC on the same day Manti does. So my comment came after hers, and then the lady said "Oh yeah, I meant to tell you I had gotten a picture of all the guys in our boys' district." So then she emails me this.....

It's from a throw-away camera and she had to scan the print, so that makes it grainy....but who's complaining? MY BOY IS SMILING! I don't know which one of these is his companion, but I printed him a copy and sent it to him asking him to label it with their names so we would know who is who.

Tell me this doesn't make your heart warm and mushy :)


  1. Their thing with the ties... most all of them are wearing purple ties. I suspect Manti is wearing a green one, but I could be wrong!

  2. Yep, my heart is warm and mushy!