Monday, April 16, 2012

I Want My Mama!

My mother raised 4 independent and capable children. None of us really NEED to call on our mother to take care of things for us. She did a great job with us and I owe her much thanks for that. But... I want my mama.

I've gotten almost everything done before the wedding. All the flowers are finished. All the ribbons are tied. The dress is nearly done. Tommy's pants need hemming and my dress needs some taking in. I need to bead one more thing for the veil and practice on her hair. I hope the mail carrier brings the moccasins in time. I hope I don't run out paycheck before I gas the car up, buy stuff for the punch, get the last few pieces of clothing she needs (slip, etc) and ties for the boys. I think I need some Kleenex too because I'm full of butterflies and tears.

Saturday night, Tommy got sick... all over the bathroom....projectile...for 2 solid hours.... lots of bleach... he's still in bed, not much help. I have to work Monday and Tuesday. Mesa and John have to go sign a lease, have to get their marriage license (no, they didn't procrastinate that,...Georgia has some craziness that made this be put off till the last minute), they have to get some electricity turned on in that house and start moving stuff over there....

This morning I got a bottle of Rescue Remedy and took a dose. I think I'm going to take another one. It's the only thing helping my nerves right now.

I want my mama :(

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  1. I'm coming', my little girl! I'm a'comin'! See you on Thursday.