Friday, August 9, 2013

Pioneer Day

Our church commemorates July 24th each year in recognition of the pioneers who traveled west and suffered much affliction for their religious freedom. Much happened over that period of time, but that's not the point of this post.

This year, we did the day up big....bigger than in the past. This time, it incorporated several units in the region (known by LDS as wards in the stake). Volunteers came together to present examples of things done in the past to give children and others a touch of history in the present day. There were non-member participants was a big thing.

It was staged at a park in Douglas County. Friday night, anyone who wanted to was invited to camp together and share dinner and campfires and whatever else. There was dutch oven cobblers and much more. The next morning, we awoke to set up storefronts and such. This was my part in it. Tommy and I ran the Apothecary. We had lots of fresh herbs, lots of dried herbs, lots of preserved herbs, and some that were in the process of drying. We dressed in pioneer style clothing (except for my hot pink shoes) and shared things we knew with others. The kids ran off to experience other activities like a tug of war game, walking across a rope bridge built by scouts, peek inside of tipis, watch their daddy use a huge saw on a log, see what old time undertaker might have used in his work, .... there were beekeepers, covered wagons, handcarts, old-time dentists, an old school room, goats and chickens and horses, spinning wheels, pottery, food preservation,..... it was a cool experience. Here are a few pictures....

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