Saturday, July 27, 2013

New Cub Scout in the Family!

Right now, I could care less what the stupid decisions that got made recently about BSA guidelines. They don't currently affect ME or my kids, so I'm ignoring it and taking the time to utilize what resources are not affected and teach my kids to be survivors, to be comfortable in their world and to be proud of their heritage. For now,... that's how it is.

So moving along,....

I am currently the Wolf den leader. In LDS scouting, that is very first rank you work towards and you start at age 8. I did have 8 AND 9 year olds, but recently we split them up. Right after that happened, I had 9 year olds turn 10 and move up to Webelos, and I had 8 year olds turn 9 and move up to Bears. That left me with ONE LONE WOLF! Well that's not fun for the kid, not enjoyable for me, and not abiding by scouting rules (youth protection says I shouldn't be alone, one on one, with any kid not my own. Not good. Jared turns 8 in October. It is too early for him to join scouts in our pack and be awarded for his efforts. BUT....special circumstances exist! I need at least 2 scouts,... Jared would have been the next new scout to move into my den anyway....he's my kid, so chances are he'll be coming with me anyway.....he's INTERESTED and willing to work....he needs the social interaction badly, he got registered already so he could attend twilight camp this summer. We got special permission and now Jared is my newest Wolf Cub Scout. He has been with me for so many years now, that he has already earned his first rank....Bobcat! It can take a boy a few weeks to memorize all that stuff, but Jared had it memorized in just a couple days. He passed it all off to the cubmaster instead of just to me, and he gets his first awards ever this coming Wednesday.

He's my tiniest kid too! I think he's even smaller than Mesa was, and she was a micro-kid! So he just can't keep the shirt Manti and Morgan wore on his little body. The shirt tail tucked in goes to his knees! I gave in and bought him his own uniform shirt brand new (and said "ouch" because they are costly!)

We haven't gotten all his numbers and identifying patches stitched on the shirt yet, but he did get to wear to go on his first field trip with his den to "an important place in our community".....the hospital. We had a tour given by one of the anesthesiologists (which is the dad of my other wolf scout).  I couldn't believe it,... the boys favorite part of the hospital was THE NURSERY! Tanner has this neat thing that they play a lullaby over the speaker system all over the 2nd floor when a baby is born. We heard it play....a baby came into the world while my little guys were looking at the older babies in the nursery window. What an experience that was for ME even! No mommy urgings here...honest!

Anyway, here are some pictures for you to smile over :)



  1. VCongratulations on your new little Wolfies! Tell Jared he looks super good in his Scout uniform, and I'm so PROUD of him for earning his first award!