Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Scout Camp--It's Easier!

After all the craziness of pregnancy, a baby came, and more craziness followed....I'm lucky to still have something I'm calling sanity! I have to just let that stuff sit a bit and decide later what to say on that subject,....or maybe I'll wait till the little man comes home and THEN put something on here. Seriously...enough drama and difficulty and stress for 14 lifetimes! So moving on to a different subject:
Morgan went to camp!
This is him and his best friend, Adrian. This is the same expression Morgan has had on his face for 2 weeks now. Yes,.. he is happy! He has almost everything he ever wanted in life right this minute! I did say ALMOST....horseback riding happens on Wednesday! Then he'll have everything he wants.

Morgan has a very thoughtful scoutmaster who has taken a good many pictures and shared them. I think that has made all the difference for me. I still have moments I think to myself "what have you done? That blonde streak in your hair is affecting you too much!" (Ok the blonde hair is another blog entry....we're not talking about that one just yet.) I have always had such a hard time letting my babies out in the world where the mean people are that thrive on hurting innocent people. And everytime my kids have gotten out of my sight and reach, its happened. Of course, its also happened right under nose....and we're not talking about that either....so I'm trying to be a grown-up here and let the kids have more experiences without me hovering as much. Besides, I'm getting old and nobody has gotten me a hovercraft or a hover round,...so hovering is slowing down.

Back to the subject,... look at this boy.
See how comfortable he looks supporting and safeguarding his patrol mates?

And they are giving him the same support so he can find out if the sky is the limit.
Check him out.... TREADING WATER!
*Pat on the back for Uncle Roger*

This does not look comfortable...nor comforting.... it does seem necessary because look what happened next!!!

And he's in a basketweaving class, as well as woodworking and art and swimming and horsemanship.

If you had a part in making sure this little boy went to scout camp, I hope you can see some of the return on your investment. I'm so proud of him, and so thrilled for him. Tomorrow his dream comes true and he meets the horses. I'm sure he will be sad to have to come home this weekend!

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  1. I am so proud of you for letting him go! My camping memories are wonderful, and I'm thankful Morgan got to make his own. You're a brave woman!