Monday, July 6, 2009

July 4th Parade

It has been about 20 years since I marched in a parade. I'm SURE it's been that long since I marched the old parade route from Dairy Queen to Kmart. I had forgotten how much I love it...until this past weekend. What made it so great this time is that I made it without huffing and puffing, and all of my kids were in it with me. Even little Jared got all the way to the end!

I am a Boy Scout,....SERIOUSLY! I am an advisor for a Venturing Crew that is co-ed. So that requires a female advisor. You'll see Mesa is a Boy Scout too...official and everything! I'm so proud :) Look at our crew...well, part of our crew anyway. We had another member in the high school band in line behind us...another one was home sick,.... etc. So not ALL of our members could join us. We still look good, don't we?

Morgan isn't officially a Cub Scout yet, but he got invited to join Pack 33 in the parade, which made his day TOTALLY!

Our crew focuses on Native American history and traditions (we should be able to assist any troop with earning the "Indian Lore" merit badge). So that's partly why you see Manti in regalia. See me and Jared in the very back? Jared was smart....he was collecting candy from the road where the kids ahead of us were throwing it. His pocket was SLAM FULL!

Here is our family. Wish Tommy had been there too!

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  1. I remember that parade route. It was a good one...shady, mostly flat... places good places to stand and watch. Makes me homesick.