Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Twilight Camp

I love Cub Scouts! I think it is one of the best things in the world for little boys...and for little girls too, but then there is that gender thing that gets in the way.

Last week was Cub Scout Twilight Camp, which is actually the same thing as Day Camp except it functions in the evening instead of during the day. Morgan got to go, and WOW at the things I learned about this kid! Another WOW for the ways he grew and changed! Let me tell you people, especially sisters, your boys don't need to ever miss out on this experience! LET THEM GO even if you have to pick up cans from the side of the road to pay for it. This is an experience for them like going on a mission is for a 19 year old. It is so worth it!

Do you see this child having a blast? Well guess what he did! He earned the second highest score shooting that BB gun of all the 70 boys who attended! Who knew he had it in him? See, I always thought Morgan was this spazoid kit who couldn't sit still long enough to even go to the bathroom. Then last Sunday, I subbed for his teacher at church and saw this shy boy sit and not speak for nearly an hour. I was stunned by that, but figured it was just him being on his best behavior in front of me. NOPE! Well it was, but it turns out that Morgan is actually a shy kid about a lot of things! He was so quiet during this whole past week that I had to keep my eyes on him just to be sure he was actually out there with me! And all that time we thought he wasn't paying any attention -- HE WAS! He shot on an NRA target. That means he had 5 shots. Highest he could score was 50 points. The target looks like this:
The circles are points. The center is 10 points, then 9 points, then 8 points and then 7 points. Anything outside that outer ring is 0 points. You get 5 shots and you have to score at least 35 points to be recognized by the NRA Junior Shooting Team. Morgan scored 43 points. Is he awesome or what??
Look at this kid!

Doesn't he look great? I'm so proud of him! And he learned so much too. See?

He went to camp as a nervous little spazoid with shy tendencies and came home with life experiences and REAL friends! He has this new confidence now too, and will sing for me! Imagine THAT! I'm stunned! Oh and check out intensely he can listen to someone and learn from them! This is probably the most shocking thing for me.

He doesn't even know I'm standing there.

The kids are divided into "dens" just like in cub scout meetings, and each den gives themselves a name and makes up a cheer. My boys named themselves the "Helping Hands" and their cheer goes: "We're the Helping Hands--The Mighty Mighty Hands--We help the earth by picking up cans" and they would chant this at the top of their lungs. Even Morgan did it! Each den cheered all evening long and at the end of the day, they competed for "the spirit stick". My boys got fixated on that spirit stick as if it was the only thing in the world that mattered. When they didn't win it the first night, they were disappointed. (Manti's group won it) The second night they tried harder and lost again. This REALLY disappointed them. The third night they were so dejected when they lost. The fourth night their hearts were ripped out and the last night they didn't see a reason to compete at all...... but they did it and gave it their very last breath. Look what happened!

Now that is a bunch of joyful noise! OH! We built the tallest box tower too! Check it out!

Yes citizens, there is definitely joy in Mudville.

Go to Cub Scout camp with your boys. You'll have as much fun as they do, and your heartstrings will get all yanked and tied in knots seeing your son grow and shine.

(Let me just add one more thing....videos!









  1. Please tell Morgan I am really proud of him! I wish I could have gone to Twilight Camp too!

  2. Now that looks like a whole lot of fun! I want to be a boy scout too!