Friday, February 25, 2011


I have known for quite some time that not everybody sees the world the same way I do. I accept that some people are happier when they are unhappy, or sick, or in pain, or stupid,.... I don't understand it, but I do accept it. And I know that there are a lot of people in the world who are just so smart I can't be in their presence because I don't measure up.

Tonight, I saw something one of my cousins had asked on Facebook. There were several comments made to that question that made me feel insulted, although nobody had said a word to me. It's the field I work in, so I've studied it a bit. I've seen it work...and I've seen times it didn't help. See my choice of words? I didn't say "..times it didn't work"...I said "times it didn't HELP" and there is a reason. The body is a complex machine, and no matter how smart humans get, we're never going to know more about that machine than He that invented it. So we're just not going to prevent it from breaking down and dying. We can care for its condition and give it strength and aid though,... and those methods available are many and varied.

My first choice when I'm hurt or sick is not a medical route. I prefer to take a "natural approach" whenever its an option. I only know just so much, so sometimes I have to get help. Sometimes that help is someone who has studied or experienced more than I have, and sometimes it's a medical doctor. Just because I don't choose a medical doctor to give aid for some things doesn't mean I will call him names or make comments like "they're a scam". I know I'm naive in my thinking, but its just how I am. If I give that courtesy, I expect it in return.

I don't have rude things to say about people who attend other churches as me. I don't have rude things to say about people who are of a race different from my own (I'm an equal opportunity insulter). I don't think of people who testify of a belief or experience as "frauds" or "scam artists". I know its silly,....but I expect the same courtesy. Why is it that there are so few other people in the world who feel the same way?

As I said in the beginning, it was not my cousin who said the rude things, so I don't hold ill will towards her. It was just another opportunity for me to get my feathers in a ruffle when other humans expressed their very human qualities of ignorance.

Now I feel semi-better.


  1. I don't know what was said or who said it, but I will say this: anything you have recommended to me and that I have tried has worked. In spite of all the good my doctors have done for me, I firmly believe that when I die, my death certificate should read "Death by doctor." You just keep doing what you are doing. Small-minded people are their own punishment.

  2. I know Mama, but sometimes I just have to grumble about it. If I didn't care about people, it would be easier to overlook I think. But when I feel like I'M lumped into the category of "scam artist" by some ignorant loud mouth, I have a hard time looking the other way.