Friday, September 9, 2011

Farewell Party

Ok, so he's left already, but it's taken me this long to get enough time AND presence of mind to do this.

The Farewell Party

I realized after setting it all up that I had taken charge of this party and planned it totally out. It's Manti's party though, and HE should have some say in it. So I went to him and told him "this is your party, get it started." He did!

He thanked everyone for coming and told them how much he loved them all. I was proud of that. He asked for an opening prayer and blessing on the food, then invited all to eat. Once the food was pretty much gone, he asked Frank to take care of dancing things. So Frank stood up and explained to all what we were doing. He assembled his drummers to include Tommy, Morgan and Jared too... and started them drumming. Manti danced alone at first, then Frank had Mesa and I dance alongside him. We danced a few times in a circle with all of his relations.

After the dancing, Manti held a "giveaway" and gave away some of his things.

Quite a different farewell party, right?It was very enjoyable though, and Manti dictated how it all would celebrated.

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