Thursday, September 22, 2011

Morgan is 10

Happy Birthday to Morgan- yesterday!

Last year, Jared's birthday came at a very inconvenient time. I was tied up with the Ag Center's Heritage Days and we camped out there and put up a "living village" demonstration and lived the demonstration-literally. Jared's birthday was in the middle of that, and having cake and ice cream while camping in October is just plain difficult. So poor Jared missed out on having a birthday. We were so broke we couldn't do anything anyway, but Tommy scraped together a couple dollars and let him pick out some toy soldiers for his birthday. He thought we forgot him.

That has haunted me for 11 months now.

Yesterday was Morgan's birthday. It comes at a generally more convenient time and it seems to work into other happenings quite easily. I knew I wasn't going to have much money though, so I was worried and kept thinking about poor little Jared who is always trying to measure up in everybody's eyes.

I had a job cleaning a house, so Mesa and I went at too:early am and got that done. We got paid and split the money. We went directly to the bank and cashed that check and then went to walmart. Wednesdays are scout days, so I had no chance to make a cake OR cook birthday dinner, so I picked up a nice black forest cake and then went on the hunt for presents. I had to be sparing on the prices, but I could do this! I found some $5 movies and got him 2, and got him a bottle of BB's. Then Mesa and I walked into the toy section. There were sea monkeys! Mesa got him some.

Home we come, grab up everybody and head to scouts. Tommy took Jared (with Jared's $2 in hand) to the Dollar Tree where he bought Morgan a light up laser sword. After scouts, we went to Little Caesers and picked up 3 hot and ready pizzas for supper. Home we went for our "party" where Morgan proceeded to squeal with delight with all this awesomeness. Then he HAD to start his sea monkey water!

Today he got to add the eggs to the water. He wanted to know what his new babies would look like, so we googled them. Have you ever wondered what sea monkeys look like?

So back to Jared.
Jared wants to know is HE getting a cake and presents this year or do we plan to forget him again?
Um,... does anybody have an answer handy for me?

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