Thursday, July 11, 2013

The finished beadwork

I'm posting this because I'm mad and I need a way to let my temper cool. If you can dream up something positive to say and respond here, please do. It just might be helpful in soothing a vicious mama bear.

So Mesa's birthday came. She's 21. I gave her beadwork with a total sale value of $450.00 and her eyes bugged out. I was thrilled watching her. You've seen the necklace already, but there is a headband, earrings and bracelet that go with it, all matching. So take a look at the pictures and tell me what you think!






Yes, her red eyes are inherited :)


  1. I think that set is absoluely GORGEOUS! I don't know where you got all that talent, but you have certainly been gifted. Every time I look at the pendant on the necklace and at the bracelet--at any of it, really--I am impressed all over again. I could never make something with such an intricate pattern like that. You are really something, you know it?

  2. Thanks Mama! That's what I needed to hear :)

  3. That is absolutely beautiful! I'm nearly speechless in my impressed state. I have no idea if that sentence made sense, but it's the best way I can figure out to put it! You really have a gift for that stuff. I can't imagine trying to do it! wow!

  4. Your beadwork is exquisite. Love the colours and the intricate patterns. The necklace, particularly is outstanding.