Friday, March 7, 2014

Camp Card and Little Scouts

I now have 1 cub scout and 1 boy scout. Summertime is approaching, and THAT means summer camp is coming too. I've been quite content with taking my boys to cub scout day camp and participating as one of the volunteer leaders. I've done it for 5 years now (6 if you count that year Manti got to go)....but this year is different. This year, Morgan gets to go to BOY SCOUT camp, and that's very different.
First difference,...I can't go :(
Second difference,...that trip is a full week of overnight with way more people I don't know and only a few that I do know or that know him.
Third difference, ... that trip is in north Georgia.
Fourth difference, .... it costs $305 for him to go PLUS he has to have some specific equipment.


Jared's camp will cost $55 and I can handle that ok. It's the big number for Morgan that is taking my breath away. If I could go too, that would be SO much easier on my heart, but....
I did get Manti to agree to volunteer as a leader, but leaders have to pay $120 or something like that also. It covers their meals and a few other supplies. Manti refuses to pay for it (and I wouldn't ask him to) but says if his cost is covered by the ward budget, he'll go. I was told the budget will cover one adult and they planned on giving it to someone else already. (That someone else just volunteered a few hours before Manti.)

So I'm back to gasping and fretting.

The pack committee chairperson is one of my best friends. She looks out for me :) She got us permission to sell "camp cards" and the proceeds from it get put towards the cost of whatever scouting needs the boys have. So if they sell more than they need, the remainder of their personal proceeds can be applied to uniforms or books or other scouting gear they need. And these cards give them back 50% of whatever sales they make. Sounds good so far, right?

These little cards cost $5. That's it! Takes a lot of $5 bills to earn up enough to pay for camp, and remember they only get to keep half of that. So it's a bit of a work-out to say the least. The boys talked to my boss last week and got her permission to set up a table inside the shop and sell their cards from there. Yesterday and today, they did it. We put a table out next to the register counter. They wore their uniforms and set up their little card folders and we made 2 pages to go on the table as explanations if people wanted to read them. The boys set out one card each and they sat at the table ALL DAY LONG. They have their sales pitch and they've sold a few cards. Not quite enough to make much of a dent yet, but they are working on it. Out of 40 cards, they only have 23 left. That's not adequate in their thinking, so they are taking another tactic. They wanted to make a commercial that I could put on facebook for my friends and our neighbors to see. So we did it. It is so funny I can't stop laughing. And you should see the out-takes! They are hysterical, but I haven't tried uploading them. They should probably be pieced together into one video by someone who knows how to do that. They are truly funny though, I promise! In one of them, Jared introduces himself as Morgan LOL!

Anyway, I had to put this on my blog so my Mama can see it, so everybody enjoy my little entrepreneurs!

And if you want a camp card, let me know! (Actually I think you can use Dicks Sporting Goods anywhere there is a store, and Publix coupon is good anywhere in Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee. Don't know about the rest.)

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  1. Can I buy a Scout? Those two are priceless!