Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Cookie Game

A couple weeks ago, our family was visiting with my inlaws. It's a Sunday routine...we always go visit them. This particular Sunday, the tv was on and America's Funniest Home Videos was on. It was one of those shows where all these previous winners were together on a cruise ship and competing to see which winner was the TOP winner. Shows like that are stupid in my opinion, but this one had something to offer me: THE COOKIE GAME!

It was typical dumb video that won $10k at some point in history, but the game they played was great...and was PERFECT for a Cub Scout meeting! So we did it! The boys loved it too!

Here's how you play:
You need at least 1 cookie per person who plays.
Sit on the sofa or you can lay on the floor, but do it in a way that allows you rest your head in a tilted position. (Flat on the floor does not work for this.)
Place a cookie on your forehead. Place your hands by your side.
Use ONLY your facial muscles to move the cookie down your face and into your mouth.
If the cookie falls or you touch it with your hands, start over by replacing the cookie on your forehead.

That's it!

It is so funny to watch people play this game. They will twitch eyebrows up and down, and bat their eyes so dramatically. Mouths will open and close in rapid succession even before the cookie gets low enough to be affected by that. It's quite funny.

Now there are some things to remember: you HAVE to keep your head tilted at an angle so gravity can help you, but not take over. You can't lay flat because gravity will hold the cookie in place and not allow you to move it at all. You also can't use a moist cookie. It tends to stick. I tried it with chocolate coated cookies and they cling to the skin too much. Dry type cookies will work, like Oreos and Oatmeal cookies. Fresh baked cookies will work if they have cooled completely. Try it at your next family night or game night! Be sure you have a camera with you!


  1. Oh I am so going to try that game..

  2. Ever tried the Rubber Band game? Take a rubber band and hook it over your thumb, across the back of your hand, and over your little (pinky) finger. Using ONLY that hand, try to get the rubber band off.
    A secret: when you demonstrate this, make sure the band is more on your joints and not behind them on the back of your hand. This will allow you to curl your index finger into the V made by your thumb and index finger. You can "hook" the rubber band with your finger tip and pull it off your thumb. Then, make sure you put the rubber bands BEHIND the joints on everyone else's hand. Practice before hand and you'll soon discover the best placement to make removing the rubber band easy do but not for everyone to see.

  3. That should have read: "...removing the rubber band easy TO do..."