Sunday, June 26, 2011

Morgan's Rabbit

Every year, we plant a garden. Every year, the rabbits and deer eat well. This year, we prayed really hard to be able to harvest our crops. Morgan wanted us to be able to pick food from our garden too, so he asked Tommy to let him hunt a rabbit. Morgan has a BB gun,... that's as adventurous as I can get with him. So that meant Morgan had to find an alternative.

He started off trying to snare a rabbit. He tied rope from a tree limb and laid a carrot underneath it. You guessed it...something made off with his carrot, but didn't feel the urge the hang itself in the rope. I'm suspecting our chickens enjoyed the carrot. That frustrated Morgan, so he set a new trap...that worked equally well. So he turns to Tommy to build him a trap. Tommy couldn't come up with the materials needed for such a project without going to the store, and he just didn't feel that inclined to trap rabbits.

Poor Morgan.

Each morning, it is his chore to tend to our chickens, cats and dogs. If he gets up early enough, he oftentimes meets up with a rabbit that managed to get itself in the chicken pen, but not out. They always escape once he opens the fence gate.

A few mornings ago, I got up and got ready for work. All the sudden I hear Morgan squealing so excitedly that I knew something was going on. I ran to the living room to see what was going on, and there he stood with a rabbit in his hands. Yes... I said a rabbit in his hands. Morgan caught a wild rabbit----BARE HANDED! This thing didn't even think about kicking him or biting him or doing anything a normal wild rabbit does! Unreal!

I think that rabbit is sufficiently traumatized and won't be robbing our garden this year :D

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  1. So Morgan caught a rabbit! I sat here laughing all the way through this blog. His face in those pictures says it all. Poor rabbit!