Saturday, June 25, 2011

Gettin' Old

I can't believe it, but it must be true: I'm gettin' old. It was bound to happen one day. I just thought it would take a little longer to get here than this. Can't say I'm real happy about it either. I mean, it's just kinda rude of nature to fling things at you before you're ready!

For a year now, it has taken less and less for my blood pressure to go up. For the last couple months, it has stayed up. The last couple weeks, it was so high that I can't tell you everything that has happened during that time. In fact, I can't tell you much about what happened yesterday even! Apparently, blood pressure has that kind of *power* over us.

A couple weeks ago, my blood pressure got up something like 158/108. Once it hit that ugly number, it stayed on it. The top number would bounce between the 140s and the 150s and the bottom number would bounce from 106 to [gasp] 116. No kidding. The day it hit 167/116 I have very vague memories of. I had a headache that was almost blinding. My head throbbed so hard that I thought people could see it pulsating on my shoulders. The world looked blurry. My herbs weren't able to work fast enough to get it down either. Honestly, I don't remember what it was Tommy made me do, but it started my pressure moving down and I could think again. I'm lucky to be friends with a doctor who really enjoys his profession, so I sent him a text message and said I NEED YOUR HELP! He was on vacation, so when he came back, he called me and from there, I ended up on a medication.

I'm not happy about it in the least. I don't have insurance, and whenever you take medicines like this, you need to have regular liver tests to make sure you are doing ok and your liver doesn't get bombarded with the junk it has to filter because of that med. I can't get those tests. There are herbs that can get me off this stuff, and at some point I am DEFINITELY going to go that route. For now though, I have GOT to get relief, the medicine has entered my world. The good news is, it doesn't happen rapidly, but my blood pressure is on its way down....and my head has finally stopped hurting.

On the other feelings are bruised. I'm 40 years OLD and taking old people medicine.

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  1. Just be glad your not 10 years younger and doing it. David has that problem! Good luck with everything though!