Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Bridal Shower

Mesa does not enjoy the spotlight, although she does enjoy individual attention. So that made her bridal shower quite tough on her nerves, but she was a good sport.

Her maid of honor planned games for us to play... one of which was to dress Mesa up in a toilet paper wedding dress. So out came the pack of toilet paper rolls and the younger girls gt busy dressing her up. They wrapped the paper around and around here. I pulled her hair up (it started off down) and pinned it up for her. And while I was there, I made her a veil and put it on her. The veil is one of her favorite parts of the wedding outfit, so I enjoyed doing it. She actually looked pretty wrapped in paper LOL! She won't let me put it on facebook,...but she said I could blog and put it here! She thinks nobody reads this ;)


  1. Awwww Mesa, you make a very pretty bride. Hope you had a great time and got some good advice.

  2. As a faithful reader of this blog and one who does not go to Facebook, I am glad these pictures were posted here. Looks like some girls had a good time, and the bride looks lovely!

  3. You are a very pretty bride indeed. :) Can't wait to see the "real" wedding photos. Much Love, Patty from GXA