Monday, March 19, 2012

Wedding update

We're right at 1 month before the wedding. What's been done?
  • engagement pictures taken
  • invitations made
  • most invitations mailed (and we know more people than we have stamps for, so the bulletin board at church got an invitation too)
  • photographer scheduled
  • dress purchased
  • cake planned for
  • bubbles purchased (and basket for them to go in)
  • veil purchased
  • vases/picture frames (with pictures already inserted)/pottery purchased
  • bridal shower planned
  • registered at Walmart and Target
  • Jared's suit purchased
  • ribbon purchased
  • wedding band purchased
  • mints (handled by Kitty)
  • tablecloths (handled by Mama)
  • some kind of candies (handled by Cindy- John's stepmom)
  • blank thank you notes on hand

What's left to do:

  • alter dress to be temple appropriate
  • dry clean the dress?
  • decide on jewelry
  • get suit for Morgan and one for Tommy
  • figure out flowers for bridesmaids/mothers/grandmothers DONE
  • get marriage license
  • get temple clothes (my dress from my sealing may work, cross fingers!) Dress DONE, portions of needs DONE (thanks Mom!)
  • bridal bouquet doing this 3/28
  • figure out punch/nuts/dishes/plates/napkins/cups paper stuff (THANKS MOM) punch bowls & ladles (THANKS MOM) punch I can handle, nuts (THANKS SIS. G!)
  • beaded piece for the veil
  • get ribbons on bubbles doing this 3/28
  • put together flower arrangements (after purchasing some more) Need extra ribbon, but came up with a great alternative....growing in my own yard!!!

Ok, so what am I forgetting?

Not all of those things are too difficult,...but some of them worry me to pieces. Feel free to pray for me....or come visit and help with some of it :)


  1. Napkins? some kitchen supply places do them right there in the shop if you want their names and wedding date. Plain cocktail size work too.

    Wedding cake topper?

    Shoes? comfy reception ones?

    Something old, new, borrowed, blue, and a penny/sixpence in her shoe? I pinned a small bow tied from Clan Donald ribbon on the inside of my girls' dresses as a remembrance of family ties.

    Ziplock bags come in handy for various things.

    Also, you might put together a "bride's aid bag" with safety pins, needle/thread, bandaids, bobby pins, scissors, scotch tape, and anything else you might not realize you need. I tossed in a travel size can of deodorant, hairspray, a mirror (for seeing backs of hair), mints, Tums, hairbrush, comb, one or two of those Tide stain pens, toothpaste/toothbrush... whatever comes to mind.

    1. Great ideas!! We've got a cake topper and shoes, I think Mama's making plans on the napkins etc for me. Old/new/borrowed/blue I had an idea for and want to include her bridesmaids in that. I like the small bow thought too...and we have some Bailey plaid... THANKS NANCY!!