Saturday, June 8, 2013

Been Beading

One of the ways I clear my mind, relax from a day of stress, and even bring in an extra dollar or two is beading. Recently, Tanner Hospital had a company picnic type day and they asked if I would come do a demonstration of beading. So yep, I did :) They did a wonderful job of boosting my self-esteem and making me feel like my beadwork is worth something. To do it, I had to get busy and bead like crazy though, because I have very few items to just display. I tend to sell or give most things I bead away.

I made up a couple hatbands, a few bracelets, some barrettes, a couple of necklaces, hairties (you see them in womens hair when they are dressed in full regalia), and a few other things. The hospital opted to purchase a few items to give away as door prizes to their event, so I don't have them to show anymore, but I thought I'd show off anyway.

So the event went well and is over now. You might think that would mean I took a break from beading, right? Nope! I was so anxious to do more from ideas in my I did! :)

I just love these.

And then this past week, someone mentioned to me about beading daisy chain rings. So I showed her how to do them and I got interested in trying that out...sooo......

Ordinarily I wouldn't have thought to put these on my blog, BUT earlier today, my friend Wrayanne mentioned she enjoyed my blog. That blew my mind because I didn't know she knew I had one, because I don't update this thing very often, and because I didn't figure what I wrote was that interesting. On top of that, comments are rare, so I just figure "nobody's home"... right? So Wrayanne, if you see gave me a reason to do this :D I'm still going to get the spirit stick first too ;)


  1. Those things are absolutely gorgeous! What a talented girl you are! And I check your blog every day to see if there is anything new. By the way, I love this wall paper.

  2. I read your blog too! I am in LOVE with the rings!!!