Saturday, June 15, 2013

Kitty Needs to Post!

If you've never read my sister's blog, you are missing out. It is always so funny to me. Of course, the things she writes about could never happen to ANYbody but her, or so I used to think..... Lately, she hasn't posted anything new and I've felt deprived. Apparently, Karma recognized that feeling of deprivation in me and so is trying to console me by giving ME "kitty-like" experiences to write about until she thinks of something she wants to share.

Kitty.... hurry up!

So last night, I was so tired when I got in from work, I fell asleep on the sofa. I'm not real sure how long I was out, but it wasn't a good solid sleep and usually that allows me to go back to sleep when I get to bed and do fine through the night. Last night was different. I couldn't get back to sleep. My head kept singing this song from Twilight Camp..... "There was a crazy moose, who liked to drink a lot of juice" .....yes, I was going crazy. I began noticing lights everywhere too....the alarm clock, the internet mifi box, the kids nightlight (it was blinking), the turtle lamp.... yes, I said I was going crazy. Finally Tommy came to bed and I fell asleep about 1am.

We live in the countryside surrounded by farms. This means that when the seasons change, we deal with "critters" looking for refuge from different things, like heat or cold or wetness or whatever. Typically that's a field mouse or two, sometimes its a squirrel in the roof, but never anything we can't handle pretty quickly and convince to vacate. Last night, at 2:30am, I hear something rustling in the trash. It was loud enough it woke me up. I listened to it for maybe 10 seconds, trying to gather my thoughts and figure out what it was. I figured it was a mouse, IS that time of year again. I got a flashlight from beside the bed and turned it on, pointing towards the trashcan. Two HUGE red eyes looked right back at me.

That was no  mouse.

That was a possum!


I nearly came out of my skin, I won't lie. I don't know how I woke Tommy up,...hopefully I didn't hit him but I honestly don't recall how I got him so awake and alert. That NEVER happens. I showed him the possum that was now scared of my light and had run around the bottom of my bed and headed straight into the bathtub of the adjoining bathroom. He slid into it and then climbed up on the backside of it...staring me down. Tommy seemed to me to be moving in slow motion and I was beginning to think I was going to need to do something myself. I was in panic... big time! You know you would be too! 2:30am, a wild possum in your bedroom staring you in the face! Yes you would!

Tommy wouldn't get a gun and shoot it. I gave him permission to put holes in whatever he wanted to so long as the possum got some too. He wouldn't though. He said it was dangerous and he didn't want it to ricochet or over penetrate something. He grabbed a metal rod and whacked the possum. I guess it was stunned pretty good, it just sat there in the tub while Tommy jumped up and ran to the porch. He grabbed a large shovel/scoop and scooped it up and carried it outside. It sat there in that scoop acting woozy and dazed. I was so afraid he would jump out of that thing and turn on Tommy. STUPID POSSUM!

After he was out of the house, we sat on the bed scratching our heads trying to figure out how in the world that thing got into the house to begin with! The dryer vent! The hose came off the dryer and we've not made it a priority to put it back on since I can dry clothes on the clothes line now. THAT'S how it got in!

How do you get to sleep after THAT kind of commotion? I don't think Tommy ever did. I fell asleep close to 4am, only to be rudely awakened by my alarm clock at 7:30am.

Bedtime will be early tonight!

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