Friday, June 14, 2013


My kids are the worlds best. No amount of arguing will change that fact... it is just simple truth.

Of course, there is my wonderful hardworking missionary that I am SO proud of and adore.....
And then there is my beautiful daughter that considers ME....her of her best friends...

And if that weren't awesome enough, I've got two little guys that make me smile like the sun...

Well, this week has been Twilight Camp for cub scouting in our district. Twilight Camp is the same thing as "day camp", except that it is held in the evenings instead of mornings to allow the adult volunteers to go to work and take care of things before volunteering at camp with the kiddos. This year, Jared will turn 8 and will be joining wolves in our cub scout pack. He is so excited he can barely contain himself. So he got to go to camp for the first time. Jared is a super shy little man who can hardly relax enough to make a new friend. Generally, he thinks he needs help making friends. This time though, Morgan couldn't be with him to do that,....Jared was on his own for the most part----and HE DID IT! :)

I even caught him singing and cheering! Even still,...he loves his Mama. Awww... :)

And during the same week, Mesa volunteered. She has been my assistant den leader for several years now and I have to say, she compliments my efforts so well that I fear the day she does something different! What if I have *gulp* learn to work with someone ELSE???? *gasp* She is such a good assistant that most every year, I hear a cub scout or two has fallen "in love" with her and I have to settle an argument about it. She cheers with me, sings with me, lets herself be silly with me,....and she's willing to work hard at it all and be trained to make herself more of an asset to others. Who wouldn't be proud of her?

Morgan is the one I worry about the most. He is just so different than the rest of my kids that he feels like a "black sheep". He's got the biggest heart out of them all (and that's really saying something because I have tender-hearted kids!) but it just doesn't get returned to him very often. He's never picked first, never in the "in crowd", rarely noticed, ... He participated in Twilight Camp 3 summers ago and ALL the boys in my den chose Morgan to be their buddy. That was the first time that has ever happened and he is STILL bringing it up and talking about how amazing that felt. It's the last time that happened too. Morgan wants to please people so desperately that he happily sacrifices himself just to make someone else happy. This year at camp, he was a boy scout volunteer. That child worked harder than I've ever seen him work before, and he was so happy that he was ALLOWED to work! He wanted so badly for his daddy to see him haul water around. He desperately wanted to see his little brother shoot BB's so he could cheer for him. He has a hug and a smile for every single person in the world, even if he doesn't like the person he's looking at.
You're jealous, right? Everybody wants a kid like Morgan!
Manti comes home soon, and I am so excited about that. I look forward to showing off pictures of how handsome he is as a man and what a fantastic character he has built.

Even my ADHD dog is a keeper. He loves me and Tommy sooo much!

I have to thank my Father in Heaven for my family. He sure gave me a good one.

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