Friday, April 17, 2009

Catherine's Cosmic Thumb

IT CAME FOR ME! I honestly thought it was a choosey creature and had pretty much only had Catherine in its sights,...but I was sadly mistaken. Let's go back in time and I'll explain...

Certain deaths in Tommy's family prompted us to carry out some ceremonies that are very personal and very spiritual in nature. We procastinated for various reasons and that just gave that CT time to catch up to me, so I blame myself here. Nevertheless, that's where it all began.

So the time came when our ducks lined up and we made plans to travel to Tennessee where members of MY family could be part of this special event as well. The plans went well and I had a few days off of work so we could travel upwards and do this thing. There are problems though. First, you need to have a document that allows you into the place these ceremonies are done, and mine had expired. NO problem! Just means I have to go have an interview and do it. So I did...that was back in February. It requires 2 signatures though, ... and the guy who is supposed to do that part seemed to have vanished. Oh I got the signature, but guess what day that was! The day before we left for Tennessee!!! Talk about some stress there!

That wasn't even a problem though, it was just a matter of making it happen. The problems got started with me getting sick. All of my life, pollen has just been fingerpaints for Mother Nature to me. So many complained of allergies and hating the yellow stuff, but for me, it was just talk. I never experienced any of it, so it must not be THAT bad. Well apparently you can develop allergies,...because this was my year! I woke up one morning with a sore throat. It wouldn't ease up. The next day, it was worse. The day after, it was so bad I started treating it like it was Strep! It wasn't. Then came the sneezing. Oh man, a single sneeze felt like skin being stripped off my throat! It gets better. The following day, my eyes felt like they do when I'm extremely know, all itchy and dry and stinging....yeah that. What on earth IS THAT? So I'm thinking this is some vile flu I've caught. And then starts the coughing. Holy cow, somebody hates me! To make matters worse, I HAD TO WORK! This was the Saturday before we left for TN.

Well, it sounds bad enough, right? But this is only the beginning. To be able to perform these ceremonies, the personal family history information needs to have some details for accuracy. For 5 years, I've had all that information at my fingertips. FIVE YEARS, MAN! Where is it now? *shrugs* So I had a friend come over who is a genealogy guru. She helped us find some awesome information for some of Tommy's family that we never knew and it was sooooo fascinating, so we thought she could help us find these basics. Can we laugh here? We got some of the info, but not the details I particularly needed for one aspect of the ceremony. I was sooo disappointed.

This isn't the end of it, nope, not by far.

See, part of it involves stepping into water about waist deep. Guess who started her freaking period on Saturday night! Evil thumb!

Well, I give in to some degree and we just get ourselves out to the car and head towards Mama's house. We get there and have some realizations:

  1. Tommy's pants are about 4 feet too long and need to be hemmed.
  2. My skirt AND my shirt BOTH have weirdo stains on them from who knows what. These are brand-freakin-new Never Been Worn!!

Tuesday is the day of our event, and we had to print out the information and take it with us. My parents are going too, and Mama helps us print it out. Everything went ok there, but wouldn't you know, the Thumb spread out a little and hid Mama's skirt from her. It also hid her stockings and frustrated her to the point of wearing mismatched stockings!

Catherine babysat my 2 little ones for me, and oddly enough, that was the one calming influence of the whole event. I guess it was because the Thumb was travelling towards Nashville to be sure it could greet us at the door. Evil Thumb.

Well long story coming to an end, the only real issues after that were the emotional trauma I got to experience, and one of the names not being quite right on the print out of family history stuff. Otherwise, evil thumbs don't get to go into ceremonies of a sacred nature.....but boy do they sure try hard!!

Evil Thumb!

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