Friday, April 17, 2009

Thumb Infection!

So the evil cosmic thumb has not released me YET! Catherine, you must be enjoying an awesome break right about now!

What this means to YOU loyal readers is that your comments are trapped in your keyboards and can't be displayed here. Why? Well....that's due to the infection of that evil thumb!

Everything was fine.
Then I tried a new layout and was so pleased with myself for figuring out how to attach one.
I added a blog post here.
I mistakenly assumed I had escaped that CT.
I get an email from Lee telling my comment section is locked up.
I check it.
It looks like it always does: comments enabled completely.
So I change background layouts.
Still can't comment.
Still infected.

I'll try to figure it out, and if it means I end up with stupid simplistic pre-fab layouts on here, I'll give in and do that.

Evil thumb.

1 comment:

  1. So yall seem to be a little confused about what the thumb is, although you're closer than Lee. Watch for a post clarifying the matter.