Saturday, April 18, 2009

Upcoming Workshop

I'm a little nervous, and for good reason! A couple of weeks ago, the Ag. Center here in town called the Herb Shop and asked my boss if she (or a representative from the shop) would come to an Herbal Workshop they are offering to the community in May. She said SURE! .... and then she called me to see if I'd do it!

Ever hear of the "Master Gardeners"? Well this is the group who is sponsoring this shebang. There are people who will show about growing herbs and people who show about cooking with herbs and I don't know what all else. The herb shops in town were invited to share medicinal information on herbs....and from they way they talked, I'm the ONLY one in that category!

Oh yeah, my boss loves me. She's always been a great salesperson and has done a wonderful job over the years of selling capsullated herbs. She's never really experienced "poorness" either, because she has very little experience with liquid tinctures and I don't think she's ever made her own stuff.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have experienced poorness! In fact, one year I was voted queen of Brokeville because I was demonstrated such extreme poorness. So this means that I definitely have experience making up my own stuff. I've done it for so many years now, that my friends and family call it my "brew". My own mother has called me a witch doctor (and I'm starting to call myself that even!). So it is definitely something associated with me. I've even expanded my efforts to include lotions and potions and even made up bathing products, cleaning products and even my own laundry detergent (which, way better than anything you ever bought! I can provide references to back up my claims) and air fresheners! I guess this sort of demonstrates how long I've been a citizen of Brokeville, doesn't it.

Well anyway, these skills impress my boss and she really likes telling people about it. Sometimes I like her bragging and other times I feel like one of the short people with a bone through my nose and a shrunken head in my pocket. She tells this person who called and asked the shop to participate all about me and my "skills"....and now I'm scheduled to be there.

What on earth will I be doing? BEATS ME! I hope I'm just setting up a table display and smiling sweetly while wishing I knew how to cast spells on snobby people....but I have a feeling that's not what I'll be doing. I was so worried about it that I even sent a phone number and email address of someone I know who TEACHES this stuff....trying to get myself off the hook. And from what I hear, they got him and he agreed to come. Does this get ME off the hook? I don't know yet. I have to wait till Monday to be able to call and find out!

Let's say I have to actually open my mouth and show people stuff. And let's say YOU were going to be there. What kinds of things do you think YOU would want to know about? Would you want pamphlets to take home with you, or a sample of something, or would you want a demonstration of some sort? Would you want to taste and smell or just see stuff brewing and see some lotions? Would you be looking for first aid type applications or aromatherapy kinds of stuff or what?

One thing I KNOW I want to impress upon anybody who will listen is this thought (and I came up with it, so if it sounds stupid, I want to know before I say it in public please!):

If you think of your herbs as food now, you won't have to think of them as medicine later.

I need feedback. If you love me, you'll tell me your thoughts!


  1. Your motto is perfect. I think I would like to walk to your booth and be able to smell some super great smelling stuff. Maybe have some hand lotion I could try on my hands. And possibly a small pamphlet with a few ways herbs are beneficial to my body. You might do a pamphlet with an assortment of healthy things or a couple small ones each focusing on a different herb or something.

    Hope that helped.

  2. Oh Wian! These are beautiful pictures of a beautiful daughter & very handsome son! You should be proud and I am proud for you.

    You did it girl. You got them all ready and to the prom on time. Now you can breath again!

    Thank-you for showing these pix. You have some great kids it is plain to see.
    Take care, Judee