Friday, April 3, 2009

The Prom...part 1

I am a public schooled girl. I got to go dances and hang out with friends (in a limited way) and I got to go on school trips and do fun stuff, including the major one: PROM! My first year, I got to go to the prom twice- once at my school with one date and the next weekend to another school with a different date. My senior year, I got to go with my new husband, so that was pretty significant to me too.

When my children came along and became school age, Tommy and I decided to homeschool our little babies and that meant no real opportunities for those exciting events...and no prom. That alone nearly swayed me to send them to school, but then I remembered those horrifying reasons that made that decision in the first place and I decided I would survive this. Manti is 18 now, and he isn't even required to do anything school related anymore. He is focused on his future goals and dating just isn't the priority for him at the moment. Sure he likes girls,...just not in a serious way yet. I felt sure there would never be a prom for Manti because some girl would have to ask HIM and he just didn't know very many girls.

Well, my audience, boy was invited to the prom! I was more excited than he was I think (at least on the outside) because I couldn't wait to go pick out the tuxedo and order the flowers and charge the batteries on my camera and,.... The girl who asked him is just great, too. She's smart, she's mature, she wasn't looking for any serious relationship attachments from him and she's pretty. She's a lot like him in a lot of ways and that just improved the situation in my thinking.

The came on March 14th. We drove out to a pretty park and met her family at a gazebo. It was pouring down rain, but the pictures don't give that secret away. His lovely date showed up, and WOW! Her dress was sooo pretty and her hair was even prettier. She kept smiling and her eyes were so lit up. I couldn't stop staring at her!

These kids were good sports too and let us take lots of pictures of them. When we finished, the kids got into her truck with a couple of her friends and headed to a restaurant to eat.

Then it was off to the 755 Club in Atlanta. Manti said it was a fancy place and it was LOUD. Remember, he has been homeschooled since birth and has never been around the "worldly" side of life. This was a new experience for him! He danced a time or two with his date and did a lot of people watching. When it ended, they drove home nice and safe and met us as a park-n-ride. We picked him up from there and came home. He told us about his experiences and I had to bite my lip not to let my eyes tear up and give me away. My little boy was a gentleman and an upstanding one at that. He had a great time with a great girl and remembered who he was. He made his Mama and Daddy proud and had fun at the same time.

Click this link to see a slideshow of the rest of the pictures.
Wasn't he handsome?


  1. Wow does he look handsome! I just knew you were going to say it was Mesa going to prom. Somehow, I think you will if not this year than next.

  2. WOW! That boy cleans up NICE! I can't imagine my kid at the prom. Feels wacky huh?

  3. What a good looking young man! I love the red vest and dress and the flowers. She is so pretty! You chose a beautiful setting for the pics too. :)