Monday, May 4, 2009


I have had some extremely stressful times for the past 2 months. I think the spirits have even felt sorry for me. I say this because of the little funnies that crop up here and there to break up the tension. Thought I'd share a little of them....

Kitty and Lee, do you remember that church at the end of the road where the primary and middle schools were back when ya'll went to Central? This sign is that church's sign. They were changing the picture after we came home from church, so I got lucky to get this picture! Isn't it funny? Makes you want to have some fish!

Then tonight, we all went to eat some fast food chicken. We're sitting in the restaurant just talking as a family when the kids bring up some muscle pains Manti has been having. This morning, Mesa massaged his shoulder and put some good pain relieving cream on him. We wanted to know how effective it was. He said it worked wonders. So I reminded him that he should have regular work done on his muscles to keep them flexible and such. I reminded him that taking care of his body NOW will make a huge difference when he's older, and that showing his future he loves them enough to care for himself so that he is capable of caring for them will mean a lot one day----I SHOULD KNOW.

Ok, so that was a catty thing to say, but gimme a break,...I've had a rough 2 months!

Well of course that led to a snap from Tommy who declared he DOES love his family, and that of course demanded a response from me announcing that we would recognize it if he would consider that his overworking his damaged body reduces the time we have with him and increases the hardship on us all for later. He didn't agree. I told him at the rate he's currently going, he'll go out with a bang when his body just snaps and doesn't work anymore. He responded that he won't bang and I said he would.

Just then, Manti pipes in by saying "Ya'll stop talking about banging at the table!"

That ended THAT conversation!

Here's some egg on my face:

This coming weekend, Manti and Mesa both have prom dates. Mesa and her boyfriend were discussing what kind of dress she would get and he said he just hoped she didn't get a purple dress. Well we went to a store looking...we went to several stores looking. It was hard to find something modest (and her prom is a church sponsored one that has a dress code), so we ended up at a store that had no modest dresses, but DID have a seamstress who could alter the dress to put sleeves on it for her. YAY!

Well we find a dress that is perfect except for having no sleeves, being slightly too long ....and being purple. It's a dark plum shade of purple though and is really pretty. She had to try on tons of dresses before we came across that one though. The whole time , Sean (her boyfriend) kept texting her and kept texting her. She was changing dresses for more than 2 hours, so her phone constantly buzzing started to get on my nerves. I answered his messages for her and told him to shush, she was busy. He slowed down, I told him shush a couple more times. Then when she picked her dress and the seamstress was measuring her and pinning the dress for the alterations, her phone goes off again. I decided it was time for him to get a note from me >:-D

I send him a message and tell him she found a dress. He asked right off the bat what color it was. So I told him.... BARNEY PURPLE! He didn't want to believe it, so he asked her. She told him YEP it was. He shivered at the thought ...too funny!

We've not allowed him to see her dress because we wanted him to be wowed with her beauty when he sees her like that for the first moment. He just couldn't understand that and I had gotten frustrated about it. I decided to mess with him more. After she had gotten dressed, she sent him a note and told him that she would sneak him a picture of her with the dress so he could see that it really was purple. We stepped out of the dressing room and found a dress (size 3x) that was seriously bright purple. It was hideous! She held it up to her and I took a pic with her cell phone. She sent it to him. He told her he thought she'd look pretty in anything. We just laughed and finished up paying for the dress. The seamstress cut us a piece off the bottom so we could give it to him to match with his tux tie.

You'll never guess what happened next.

Sean is head-over-heels for Mesa and is so excited about every moment he can spend with her. He's a perfect gentleman and we really couldn't ask for any better person in her life right now. But that means he forgets himself when he's excited,....and this is one of those times.

She told him 3 times before we got home from that store that she had a piece of cloth from her dress for him so he could match it. We didn't tell him that wasn't really her dress in the picture, but we did say we had fabric for him, so wait to shop till she could bring it to him. Did he listen? Nope! He had hoped we got enough cloth from the dress that his mom could make him a tie from that, but they didn't cut us that much. So he decided to go shopping anyway. Funny boy,....he did! He found a tie too! Then after he buys it, he sends a picture to Mesa and tells her. She nearly falls in the floor when she opens her phone and sees this picture. She sent him a note real fast and tells him that picture she sent him was a joke...that's NOT her dress. Too late though! He has a purple flowery tie!

Joke's on us, right? LOL! Fortunately, there are a lot of purples in that tie and it should match the dress anyway,....besides, matching exactly isn't really that important.

So did you laugh?

Oh, tomorrow we go pick up her finished dress. I guess we'll be heading out to buy shoes too!!! Sigh, never ends, does it?

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  1. still trying to wrap my head around the idea that Mesa is old enough for prom. man, feeling old!