Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Of all my children, Morgan is my oddball. He is the only one of my 4 kids who will let you hurt him if it makes YOU happy to do it. (Jared tests this theory often.) He is the one who will get angry the slowest and love you the deepest. He is the one who gets so thrilled about being able to make you happy that he can't keep his excitement contained no matter WHAT. He has his typical kid attributes, but he has some attributes that will surprise you if you just watch him long enough and actually HEAR what he's saying.

That said,....
it should be known that of all my kids (including Manti), Morgan is the one who know the ER doctors by first name and is the only one who can prop his feet up while getting staples!

So Mesa is going to prom Saturday and we found her a dress. This is the "Mormon Prom", which means she can't wear a dress that exposes her in any way. She needs sleeves and her skirt needs to be knee length or longer. Do you know how many dresses that eliminates? So I ended up in Villa Rica at a store is slam full of prom dresses. We told the girl there what we needed and she stuck us in a room while she found dress after dress for Mesa to try on. She picked one that is just gorgeous,....and has spaghetti straps. Ordinarily, that's a problem, ... .but I had the idea that we could take a scarf and CREATE sleeves with it. LUCKY US,...the shop has a seamstress and she does alterations. What I described really was easy to do! So Mesa got a dress and had to go back for a fitting on Tuesday. We did that and all went fine, ... got her jewelry there even,... but not shoes. We decided to head to the mall for shoes, but it was well after lunchtime and I needed some protein!

We get to the mall and eat, and in the far corner is this STOOOOOOPID play area for little kids. Why is it there? I am clueless...perhaps to tempt little children over. This one day (out of however many years that mall has existed) is the one day we gave up and let Morgan and Jared go play. It's mostly just an obstacle course type thing with big shapes for the kids to climb on. So first thing, Morgan climbs up one. Then out of nowhere from behind him comes some kid who needs to learn about punishment (and is about Jared's size) SHOVES Morgan off the thing. Morgan tries to catch himself,...but..... (Kitty, sounding like a ballet dance to you?) he lands on his hand with all of his weight. The kid weighs 72 pounds,...that's a lot of weight on one little hand! He said he heard a sound like a gunshot. Tommy says his hand felt like his thumb was dislocated and because of how it looks today, I tend to believe it. Tommy feeling of it and checking for broken bones put a little pressure on it and it moved back into the joint, but it swelled up HUGE.

No shoe shopping got done. We left the mall and headed for the closest emergency room, which happened to be back in Villa Rica. We should have stayed at the mall a little longer. Might have gotten our own medical license and been home a couple hours earlier! (Such a slow ER!) There were only 3 other people in the waiting room besides us, 2 of them went in ahead of us, and it was still 3 hours later before he got a splint on his hand!

The xrays show no bone problems and his hand is just fine. They are calling it a bad contusion (fancy word for bruise) and today it is definitely black! No blue, ... just black right now. It's still swollen pretty fat and looks ugly, but the pain is greatly reduced. He's got one of those temporary casts on his whole left forearm and he is so proud of it! He was scared they would take his hand off and put a prosthetic hook on his wrist for a hand instead. He didn't want to be a young captain hook!

And that is the Morgan saga of Tuesday.

OH, let's add an addendum here:
As we drove to the ER, I heard Jared in the backseat (who was very worried about his bwuther) that if it was hurting too much, he could squeeze Jared's hand to make it feel better. I was impressed with Jared caring so much :)


  1. Oh no! Poor little guy. I know how he feels. I'm am so glad it didn't break. I remember that wierd sound very well. It's creepy.

  2. I probably would have taken that kid's head off! (The one that pushed Morgan)