Sunday, May 31, 2009

What to post?

I enjoy reading the things Lee blogs about. It always amazes me that she can come up with so MANY things to talk about and they are always interesting! And Catherine... she doesn't blog as often as Lee, but when she does, leaves me in stitches for days! Mama hasn't gotten up the courage to blog yet (hint hint mama!) but I bet she would have something to say more often than me too.

Apparently this means I am a boring person. It's not that things aren't happening in my life, because they are:

  • I'm in school (The School of Natural Healing)
  • I finished my "Road to Zion" program and held a "County Fair"
  • I've had several activities going on in my graphics forum
  • the kids have the Pioneer Trek coming up next week
  • we had a fun scout activity (scavenger hunt at the Ag Center)
  • I'll be doing a first aid class - herb style - at work soon
  • we got a square foot garden in
  • I got 2 new mortar and pestles!
  • people are calling and asking me to make ointments for them
  • its time to pull honey
  • the dog is female....seriously!
  • I'm going to run an apothecary on Tuesday for a community kids camp called "Camp Dirty Knees"
  • I got a new calling
  • Manti and Tommy got new callings
  • Mesa went to Lake Wedowee this weekend and got sunburned
  • my house needs cleaning
  • I'm finally getting better from being sick for 2+ weeks now
  • the cat is feeding her new kittens squirrels and rabbits....on our porch
  • I got a scouting award a few weeks ago
  • I'm passing my course with flying colors (up to now anyway!)
See? Lots of things are happening,...I just don't know what to say about any of that. If I did say something, who would be interested? It all seems so boring to me.

Tell you what. Tuesday is my Camp Dirty Knees. I'll get a picture or two (Mama, I'm going to use one of Mesa's aprons that you made) and tell you what its like to run an apothecary! Is that blog worthy? I just can't tell!!!!


  1. 1st. I ALWAYS have something to say about something. What is shocking is that you find it interesting.

    2nd. If you really look at what I'm talking about, it's just dumb stuff the kids do and the occasional rant about a psychotic neighbor or obnoxious person. You find it interesting, so I bet we'd find your stuff interesting too.

    3rd. I personally am always interested in what you write even if you think it's boring because I love you and miss you and ... and... and.. yeah.. see!!

    4th. Mine is so journal like with kid crap because sometime this year, I want to use one of those programs that will print it out and bind it for you. I'll have a family journal of sorts.

  2. For me, I only blog about the wierd stuff that seems to happen so frequently to me.
    And then only when I can laugh about it. It's a coping mechanism.

    I prefer to not have those things occur, so I'm grateful when there's nothing to post.

    Y'all know what has been happening but I can't seem to find anything funny about it. When I can laugh at my trials I'll start posting them again.

  3. BTW, I'm getting myself a copy of that picture. Now Lee needs to take a picture of herself covering her eyes. I'll do one covering my ears, and we can be forever in my scrapbook as the no evil monkeys.