Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Prom: part 2

It's Saturday night and a pleasant calm has settled over Baileyville. This is due in part to the 2 youngest of the Bailey clan visiting dreamland in their rooms, and due in part to the two teenage versions of the Bailey clan having a great time at the prom! What a day this has been! So before they come back home buzzing with descriptions of the fun they've had, I want to show off the pictures and tell how MY day has gone today. After all,....doesn't the mom get some attention in all of this too?

The day began with my alarm clock not quite getting to chime. Why? Because suddenly all the images of my calendar with times and appointments to meet for the day popped into my head. So I turned off the clock (which I shamefull set for 8am because i was SO tired the night before) and ran to the shower. Seriously, I ran because Manti was about to get into it! He was going to be home most of the day and I wouldn't be,...if he got a shower then, I'd go the whole day smelling "old yesterday". I talked him out of his shower and jumped in there myself. THANK GOODNESS! Tommy had gotten brakes for his little Camry, so I kissed him and my boys goodbye as they went across the street to let his nephew put them on for him and Mesa and I headed towards town. One of Tommy's childhood friends is a hairdresser and she was scheduled to do Mesa's hair today at noon. She's in the Walmart style shop, and we were early. So we picked out some rhinestones to put into her hair and got a subway sandwich. We started to go ahead and get her nails done, but it looked like they were pretty busy and I worried we wouldn't get her nails done before her appointment time.

The hairdresser/friend had a lady and her mother there,...and they kept monopolizing her time. So as Mesa and I sat and went through books, the hairdresser did her best to please these two ladies and get them to move along. 45 minutes past our appointment time, she succeeded and Mesa hopped up in the chair. Want to see the magic that took 2 hours to do? You can't tell it, but there is a FULL can of hairspray on this childs head!

Don't look at her dress YET!

So we get done with the hair and we HAVE to do something with her nails because one of them was broken badly and had to be repaired. We ran down to the nail salon and asked if they could fit her in and be done by 3pm. I'm sure they were cussing at me in Chinese, but we ended up leaving and going down the street as we prayed they would be less busy. Thankfully, they WERE less busy and we got there seconds before they got swamped. they told me they could do it by 3pm, which was 20 minutes away. I figured if they could do hers, they could mine too. Bad decision on my part.

At 3:20pm, we ran like animals to the car and I made a 15 minute trip home in 9 minutes. We were supposed to leave our house at 3:30 and go to the next town over (a 30 minute drive) to meet Mesa's boyfriend at a park for pictures. They had reservations for dinner at 5pm, so we had to hustle. We were supposed to leave the park at 4:45 to drive Manti out to meet his date in the town we just came from for pictures at a different park to be finished so they could make dinner reservations at 6pm. Welllll.....I put Mesa's makeup on and helped her get her jewelry on. We crammed her into her dress and threw her shoes on (not even noticing if she'd shaved her legs or not!) and ran out of the house....just hoping Manti had gotten himself all together.

We didn't get to leave the house till 4:10. We mad. Her boyfriend was on the phone with her nagging her about being so late and he finally says "let's meet at a different park that is closer to the restaurant we're going to". We said fine and raced to it...only we drove right past it! There are so many one way streets in this town that we drove through a funeral home parking lot twice trying to find our way OUT of it! We got there though and got some really nice pictures of our beautiful girl and her boyfriend.

Yes yes,...nice.

It's Manti's turn. We got there a little later than we wanted to, but we got there. His date had 2 friends there as well, so you'll see them in these pictures too.

NOTE FOR MY FAMILY... yep, his date colored her hair the same color as her dress. I'm happy her dress is red and not green :D She was happy he didn't paint his face! (lol!) So here they are...

So I just heard from both kids, prom is over. Mesa is on her way back from Georgia Tech's ballroom, and Manti is on his way to ... bowling alley. oook! So I guess in a couple of hours, we'll get to hear all the details!

Me and Tommy make purdy kids!


  1. Holy Beautiful kids Batman!

  2. Breathtakingly beautiful! My goodness, they do grow up fast, don't they?