Saturday, May 16, 2009

Herb Workshop

So today was the big day and I have 13 pictures to document it. If you don't want to see them, might as well hit the x on your browser now. Go ahead, I'll wait.

Now that I have the attention of you wonderful patient people, let me tell you about my day!

Well it was scheduled to start at 9am, but I was allowed to get there as early as 8am to set up. I got there about 8:15am and there were people wandering around in there! YIKES! My nerves were instantly on edge. I started unloading the boxes full of samples that my wonderful boss Linda had sent with me and before the flies in that building had a chance to land, the people started gathering around me. They wouldn't let me finish setting up till they asked me questions and got some samples. That was just fine...I did finally get to finish setting up.

I had two tables pushed together:
1.) containing Robins Herb Shop fliers and samples of products and things associated with the business.
2.) containing my personal stash of stuff, like salves and tinctures and sprays and dried herbs and tea that I had brewed the night before, ... that kind of thing.

Want to see?

That's the left side if you are facing the table.

So that makes THIS one the right side of the table. That pretty basket of freshly cut rosemary sure did smell goooooooooooood! Everybody noticed!

I think Mesa liked the "me" side of the table the best, at least that's what she got the most pictures of!

This is the "me" side again, so you can see some of my dried herbs in Aunt Irene's jelly jars sitting right next to some of my "butt cream" and some plantain salve and some cayenne salve and a few bars of my lavender shea butter lotion. You can see my really cool fir tree root bowl towards the back. It's got some ginger root and a lemon on it, as well as a tea strainer and a jar of honey.

So are you convinced that I did finally finish setting up my table? Good! Let's move on with this story.

So to begin the day, some speakers stood and talked...and talked....and talked.... I can't say it was boring because it was all on a subject that means a lot to me and that I find interesting,...but I am going to say that the things I heard from the "instructors" were no more intelligent than I heard from the "students" of this event. It was more or less a "hobbyist convention". That's ok...I got paid to be there!

So when people got a break, they were invited to a table where they were giving out samples of bread with fresh herb butter and paperwork on all kinds of potted plants they had sitting around (I say all kinds,...might have been about 20 plants on display). The people had to pass my table to get to the food, so I got attention. The food line extended right up to my table. I got an instant barrage of questions. You would think they would come flying at me one at a time, but nope! They all asked at the same time. That was a challenge! So Mesa grabs my camera and catches me in action. psst....I'm the chubby chick ;)

Jared had a good time climbing under tables and hiding in corners.

Morgan had a different opinion.

Can't win 'em all, but I enjoyed it!


  1. Wish I could have been there. I bet you were great.

  2. I love your fir tree root bowl and girl, you amaze me with everything you do! LoL, love the pics of the kids, especialy Morgan's reaction! :)